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Acupuncture point categories help acupuncturists understand more quickly how points work and so save them time designing treatments.

(By the way, click here for acupuncture point location and information on individual points along the meridians.)

What this means is that acupuncture points within a given category can all be treated or used in the same way.

It makes learning them easier and when searching for the right treatment, it is easy to add a point from these categories to improve the treatment.

Also, knowledge of these categories enormously enhances one's appreciation and enjoyment of practising Chinese medicine.

Mainly, using them improves treatments!

List of Acupuncture Point Categories

How Important are these Points Categories?

These categorizations are part of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture theory. Western Medicine and/or Western acupuncturists probably pay them scant attention.

Still, they've been around for up to 2200 years, if not more, and they weren't made up by whimsy.

Some of them were the work of one person in particular (who admittedly may have wanted to make his mark) but others tried and tested them and they've passed into the tradition. 

Not all sprang together at once. For instance, the 'entry-exit' points must have been discovered after a fair amount of trial and error. The group of 'Front mu' points (acupuncture alarm points) as we know them were put together over time. 

We may have lost some important insights when what is now Chinese medicine went through various ructions starting in the 1950s.

Many good acupuncturists fled from China, but some didn't and these included some families in which family knowledge was jealously guarded and handed down from generation to family generation. 

(To find out more about the roots of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, click on Charles Buck's book.)

Those who stayed behind in China either accepted the Chinese State's system of acupuncture or eventually died, taking their family's knowledge and insights with them. 

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