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Nov 20, 2016

Qi Stagnation

I have been back and forth to my doctor and to an endocrinologist to help me resolve my health issues but to no avail. So now my journey has taken me to

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Nov 10, 2016

Yang Deficiency

Yang deficiency can creep up on you unawares but it can come suddenly too. Find out how to diagnose it, how to treat it and how to avoid it.

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Oct 22, 2016

Blood Stasis

You probably have Blood Stasis, and almost certainly will have it as you grow older. It's a major constituent of chronic ill-health and aging. What can you do about it?

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Oct 15, 2016

Remaining Pathogenic Factor

Why is a remaining pathogenic factor like a burglar? What are its symptoms? What can you do about it?

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Oct 13, 2016

Chong Mo, Sea of Blood

Chong Mo may be the very first acupuncture channel to form in the foetus. Important, or what?

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Oct 03, 2016

Heart and Kidney Yin deficiency with Empty Heat

Growing older, or through the menopause, you'll probably encounter symptoms of Heart and Kidney Yin deficiency with Empty Heat, if a busy lifestyle hasn't inflicted it on you before.

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Sep 21, 2016

Yang Deficiency The Book

Yang Deficiency The Book? How do the Olympics, the battle of Stalingrad, an infant's first smile, and cold hands fit together? This book helps you make sense of life, the universe and everything.

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Sep 19, 2016

Fertility Center

Your fertility center? What Chinese medicine says about trying to conceive and your chance of getting pregnant.

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Sep 19, 2016


Been married almost 14 years and never been pregnant. Just started acupuncture but she wants us to do IUI. Did already, not interested.

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Sep 08, 2016

Yin Deficiency

What Can You Do about Yin Deficiency, Burn-out and Exhaustiont? And how does it fit in with the Menopause, those power surges, hot flashes and flushes?

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Sep 08, 2016

Yin Deficiency Reviews

Yin Deficiency Reviews - of the book. What do people think about it? Did they find the information useful? Read their opinions here!

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Aug 25, 2016


Not just Chinese, Cupping has a Long Tradition in Europe: but the Chinese worked out what it does and how and when it does good: such a simple system, yet there's a skill too.

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Aug 23, 2016

Acupuncture Medicine

What Is Acupuncture Medicine and how does it explain and treat a host of diseases?

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Aug 11, 2016

Cold Showers

What's the best way to take cold showers? Why, in Chinese medicine, are cold baths good for you?

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Aug 08, 2016

Qi Stagnation

I was overworking on computer and doing many kind of work at rehab facility, and recovering from drug addiction meantime. I havent had sleep in 6months

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Aug 02, 2016

Lung Heat

Lung Heat covers a whole range of conditions, from acne to cough, red facial skin to pain in your chest. Find out more here!

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Jul 29, 2016


Dryness is becoming more common. In some countries they are getting more heat-waves - not good for ageing populations.

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Jul 27, 2016

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Acupuncture

In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome acupuncture theory clarifies what really needs to be done, the order to do it and what can be expected, so raising your spirits.

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Jul 22, 2016


Heat is becoming more common as a cause of disease. It used to affect stokers and bakers but nowadays tanning studios, saunas, hot beaches and the like can cause it.

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Jul 22, 2016

Liver Yang

Liver Yang rising affects you more as you grow older, or if you have emotional problems. Well! Who doesn't?

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