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Next Homeopathy Workshop in Edinburgh? Date to be announced. 

What people said about recent homeopathy workshops in Edinburgh

"Loads of information, remedies to use ... good grounding. Excellent. The course exceeded my expectations. Good visuals. Well illustrated. Excellent handouts. Loved (the) additional reading list." (Lynda Peachey, Community Development Worker, Edinburgh 2/10/11)

"Excellent, thorough and well delivered: relaxed and informal. Covered all expectations and more, especially discovering miasms. Excellent value." (Gillian Drysdale, Drug Treatment, Joppa, Edinburgh. 2/10/11)

"Good, plenty of information and pointers to more information. It helped me to further understand general health and not to rely on Western medicines ... whets the appetite for more." (Alice Wilson, Civil Servant, Edinburgh, 20/8/11)

"Very informative and easy to understand. Good course structure and room for discussion and questions." (Pat Boyd, Podiatry, Edinburgh 20/8/11)

Aim of Programme

That by the end of the homeopathy workshop you'll have a basic grasp of homoeopathic philosophy and be looking forward to using basic remedies at home!

What's included in the course?

Typically, what's included in the course?

  • The Four (4) types of medicine: how Homoeopathy fits in 
  • The Three (3) issues you need to know about homoeopathic History and Background
  • The Two (2) vital ideas you need to know about the Law of Similars
  • The Single most important thing you need to know about homoeopathic provings
  • The Essential Inspiration Missing from modern medicine: and what are suppression and miasms?
  • and what are the Real Causes of Disease; how does illness invade our bodies and, importantly - what to do about it!

  • We also cover:
  • Remedies (homoeopathic medicines) in general: potentising, keeping and using them
  • 9 important remedies for Children & Adults: how they work and how to use them

COURSE NOTES and morning and afternoon refreshments are included, but not lunch (Bring packed lunch or visit nearby restaurant).


  • Non-patients £80
  • Patients £50
  • Payable with booking. 
  • Fully refundable if you cancel up to 48 hours before course starts, after which only half refundable. Full fees are refundable to you if WE have to cancel.

Where? and Access

The usual location (in Murrayfield, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK) lies on Lothian Bus routes 12, 26, 31 & 48 and parking is usually available in nearby streets. The 48 bus is a park and ride bus from Edinburgh airport.

If demand is more than expected, an alternative venue may be used.

Alternatively, the usual address (which will be sent when your booking is confirmed) is 5 minutes by taxi from Haymarket Railway Station. 

How to Book your Place

Contact: Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott at jncw@enhc.co.uk or ring 07950 012501.

More information on Homoeopathy

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott Books

Please note! The Kindle editions are less easy to read! Although the paper editions cost more, they are much easier to read and to refer back and forth to the contents and index. 

Here are some of the books Jonathan has written:

Qi Stagnation - Signs of Stress

Yin Deficiency - Burnout and Exhaustion

Yang Deficiency - Get Your Fire Burning Again!

Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine

3000 years of Chinese being stressed, and at last, here's a book showing how all that experience can help you!

By the author of this website, it explains in simple English how to use stress to improve and enhance your life.

For the Latest Reviews of 'Qi Stagnation', click here!

NB You can also order 'Qi Stagnation - Signs of Stress' from your bookseller.

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