Liver 10
Zuwuli       Leg Five Miles

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Zuwuli, Leg Five Miles, Liver 10 is a point on the Liver acupuncture channel where it ascends the medial thigh.

I don't use it much, and if I do, it's mainly to back up other points on the channel or to emphasise the aim of my treatment.


  • Zuwuli is 1 cun inferior to Liver 11 Yinlian, anterior to the adductor longus muscle in the thigh.
  • Find the adductor longus muscle by asking your patient to spread wide his/her legs. The large tendon/muscle that is most obvious on the medial surface is the adductor longus muscle. The point lies just anterior to it.
  • Put another way, it is 3 cun inferior to Stomach 30, anterior to the adductus longus muscle.
  • NB Be careful not to pierce the femoral artery which lies anterior to the point.


Perpendicularly or obliquely to the skin surface, up to 1.5 cun.

Needle Sensation

Needling Liver 10 produces a local distending sensation that may extend towards the knee. A mild 'moving' sensation may be felt in the hypochondria on the same side as the needle.


Moxa: up to 5x. However, before doing so, be aware of the main function of the point, see below, to clear Heat (and Damp).

Moxa here might be counter-productive.

Actions of Leg Five Miles

  • Some similarity to Liver 9 in its action
  • Regulates the lower Jiao (the abdominal area inferior to the umbilicus)
  • Better at clearing Damp-Heat than Damp-Cold with conditions such as:
  • ... urine retention, painful urination
  • ... eczema  or itching of the genitals
  • ... swollen testes
  • ... distension in the abdomen
  • ... sleepiness
  • ... sinus (in the face/head) pain and inflammation
  • Eases local pain in the thigh, such as on the Liver or Gallbladder channels 

Comment on Liver 10

As mentioned, this point is not much used - at least by me! Perhaps that's because I don't see many cases of Damp-Heat in the genitals or with urine retention or pain nowadays. (I've no doubt they exist, but people in Scotland with those conditions usually expect their Doctor to manage such a condition with medication.)

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