Liver 3
Taichong - Great Rushing

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Liver 3 Taichong is one of the greatest acupuncture points. Every serious acupuncturist needs to know how and when to use it. It lies on the Liver acupuncture channel. On that channel it is the ...

  • Liver Shu-Stream point
  • Liver Source point
  • Liver Earth Point

Because of how it works in practice, and because its name contains 'chong', it strongly affects the Chong mo vessel.

By the way, if you are more interested in what this important organ does in terms of Western medicine, click Liver.

Liver 3 Location

On the dorsum surface of the foot, in the angle between the first and second metatarsal bones.

Needling Liver 3

Needle it vertically or slightly towards Kidney 1. There is often a large pulse near the point.

Depth 1.5 - 2 cun.


Moxa: 3 cones

Sensation when needled

Stimulus is often felt up to the ankle and down to the toes.

Actions of Taichong

  • Soothes Liver Fire
  • Clears and calms Wind
  • Steadies the Lower Jiao, ie the energetics in the lower abdomen
  • Calms the Shen - the Mind
  • Opens up the Channels
  • Sedative - can help to reduce or stop pain
  • Eases spasms
  • Clears Dampness especially associated with Liver Qi stagnation

This point has many uses, not least in bringing excess down from the head, in steadying, calming and reducing pain, and in harmonising problems in the abdomen.

As you'll see from the following, this point can be used in many situations. It can be both a strengthening and a smoothing or draining point. For instance,

  • it nourishes Liver Blood but it also clears Liver Stagnation;
  • it strengthens Liver Yin and brings down Liver Yang.

So, use it for Liver syndromes or channel conditions, eg...

  • for Liver Qi stagnation issues 
  • and for Liver Yang headache, 
  • for pmt from Liver Qi stagnation
  • for abdominal pain and painful periods from Liver syndromes
  • for pain along the Liver channel, 
  • including head pain from Liver Blood deficiency, 
  • eye pains connected with the Gallbladder channel, all sorts of abdominal pains and conditions, 
  • genito-urinary problems ...
  • including urinary retention and genital swellings or pruritis
  • knee pain on the Liver channel
  • for Cold in the Liver channel, reduce the point then moxa it

Comment on Liver 3

Liver 3 Taichong is one of the points that you can think of as a 're-set' button. If you have an electric kettle, you may be familiar with this button, which jumps out, stopping the kettle from working, if you allow it to overheat - such as by turning it on with no water in it.

Ideally it calms you down for long enough to take stock and live your life more calmly, taking better decisions because you perceive your situation more clearly.

It works on both Liver Qi and Blood, and on the Gallbladder.

Its connection with the Chong mo vessel makes it a major point for Chong mo vessel problems.

I often use this point if a patient is new to acupuncture and anxious about treatment, or anxious about their health and not sure that acupuncture will make any difference.

After such a treatment, they feel calmer, steadier, a little 'spaced' out sometimes, but usually able to view their situation more objectively.

Of course, it will almost certainly have eased any pains they have, especially if combined with other points like Hegu Large intestine 4.

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