Liver 5
Ligou  - Woodworm Groove

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Liver 5 is one of the main points used for treating genital and urinary problems, though it does far more, but people forget this.

  • Luo-connecting or Junction point


On the medial surface of the leg, 5 cun superior to the inner malleolus, immediately behind the tibia. If you measure up the medial edge of the tibia one-third of the way to the knee-joint there is often a small notch or indentation in the tibia at the level of the point.

Some put the point as being in that indentation on the bone at that point, others just behind it between the tibia and the gastrocnemius muscle.

Needling Liver 5

Insert either perpendicularly (0.5 - 1.00 cun) to the skin or obliquely upwards towards the knee, slightly deeper.

Needle sensation

Locally, a distending sensation: sometimes up towards the genitals or lateral lower ribs on the same side as the point being needled.

I have also noticed its sensation down to the area of Gallbladder 43.

Moxa on Liver 5

I don't think I've ever moxa'd this point, but I'm not sure why not: perhaps because it is used more for clearing damp and heat than for putting in yang into the system. I suppose up to 3 moxa is OK.

Actions of Ligou

Being a luo-connecting point gives this point special characteristics in addition to its position.

  • As the Liver luo-connecting point, it has a special relationship with the genitals, being used to clear DampHeat and Damp-Heat from them.
  • It also affects the lower abdomen, also mainly clear Damp and Heat from it.
  • It opens up the whole Liver channel. I like using it for pain or distension in the lateral abdomen.
  • Because of its relationship with the Lower abdomen, it is a great point for painful or irregular menses. In a way, it is like a lesser Taichong Liver 3, but with more specificity in its location of action.
  • Can be used to share Liver excess with the Gallbladder. For instance, sometimes needling this point sends the deqi sensation across to the Gallbladder channel at the same or similar level on the leg. Perhaps this is why the point is sometimes used for persistent erections in men when the condition arises from Liver Fire.
  • This point is useful for retention of urine, especially if from Liver Qi stagnation.

Bearing in mind that Damp and Heat produce symptoms of itch, inflammation, discharge and swelling, any of these symptoms in the genital area suggest this point.

An important use for the point is where emotional concerns causing tension produce the sensation of a plumstone in the throat. This is globus hystericus. Other Liver points also treat this as do points on other channels, many of which traverse the throat, but this point is often the first choice.


Liver 5 is a great point for menstrual disorders, but also for clearing stagnant Qi in the abdomen, with symptoms such as distension from trapped wind when the underlying cause is frustration or anger.

Liver 5 is also good when there is depression from either fright or fear. I suspect this is also because the Gallbladder is so tied up with courage and 'gall' and the luo-connecting point adjusts the energy between Liver and Gallbladder.

The point is one of a number that may benefit impotence in men, assuming it is caused by Liver deficiency or Damp-Heat. Liver deficiency really means Liver Blood deficiency, often together with Liver Qi stagnation, and this point can help the combination. However, impotence arises from various causes in Chinese medicine and the condition needs to be carefully diagnosed before relying on any one point.

The point is also mentioned for treatment of low back pain whether due to excess (eg from Wind or Cold - when one might use moxa) or deficiency - when one might use this point together with lower points on the Conception vessel because the Liver primary channel has branches to Conception Vessel points 2, 3 and 4: in the same way that one uses points on the Bladder channel to treat abdominal problems, points on the abdomen can be used for low back problems.

This is a main point for strengthening the lower abdomen. However, I do not always find the point easily, or find it easy to use.

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