Liver 6
Zhongdu   Middle Capital

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Liver 6, Zhongdu, Middle Capital is an acupuncture point on the Liver channel or meridian. It isn't used much unless you are in great pain somewhere along the Liver channel, when it's great!

  • Xi-Cleft point on the Liver channel


This point is 7 cun above the medial malleolus, just posterior to the edge of the tibia. (The distance between the medial malleolus and the popliteal crease is reckoned at 15 cun.)

Needling Zhongdu

  • Vertically to the surface of the skin, up to 1 cun
  • Obliquely upwards towards the knee, up to 1.5 cun


I have never used moxa on Liver 6, though applied the Japanese way, with tiny moxa filaments producing an intense short-term 'bite', I'm sure it would be OK to do.

Actions of Liver 6

Harmonising Blood and Qi in acute conditions means balancing Yin and Yang, hence reducing pain and inflammation from the areas of the body which are 'ruled' by the Liver such as:

  • acute lower abdominal pain or conditions, such as painful urination, cystitis, uterine bleeding, acute hepatitis, hypogastric pain and constipation; also lumbago
  • used to strengthen, even rejuvenate Liver Qi
  • by helping Liver Qi flow smoothly and invigorating Blood, this point is used for emaciation, flaccidity, numbness and weakness of the legs
  • for acute cramps, spasm, and urinary retention


I don't use this point on its own. For me, it seems to back up other points, like Ligou Liver 5 and Xiguan Liver 7, both of which clear Damp.

However, with a name like Zhongdu, Middle Capital, and being on the Liver channel, I suspect it has more potential than we know about.

You might say, well, why not experiment with it on patients? Well, yes ... but my patients all pay personally for the treatments I give them and might not see it my way if I said I was experimenting on them!

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