Lung Point 2:   LU 2
Yunmen: Cloud Gate

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Lung point 2 is the second point on the Lung acupuncture channel. Although it has no special role, (unlike Lung point 1, which is the front Mu or Alarm point for the Lung, the Lung channel Entry point, and a meeting point with the Spleen channel) its actions are not really so different.

Location of Lung 2

In the depression below the clavicle (the collar bone), medial to the coracoid process. In effect, this means it is just below lateral end of the collar bone, where it means the front of the shoulder, in the hollow. It is usually said to be 6 cun from the medial line of the body on the sternum.

To find the point, ask the patient to push his hand forwards against resistance. This makes the muscles stand out and you may more easily see the small angle between them where the point lies.

In very muscular or very obese patients, it may be best to run your finger along the underside of the collar bone until it reaches the most lateral point you can touch: just inferior to that place is the point.

Needling Yunmen

Needle transversely or obliquely, and with care, because the apex of the lung organ lies immediately under this point. Deep needling, especially perpendicularly or obliquely towards the centre of the body carries a risk of puncturing the lung - pneumothorax.

Depth: no more than 1 cun and 0.5 cun is safer.

Action of Lung Point 2

  • Descends and disperses Lung qi
  • Disperses Lung heat and fullness
  • Clears heat from the extremities caused by injury from invasion of cold

Indications for Lung point 2

  • Pain, fullness and oppression in the chest
  • Shoulder tension and pain
  • Difficulty breathing from rebellious qi
  • Wheezing, cough, asthma
  • Difficulty lying down from painful or difficult respiration with shortness of breath

Comment on Lung 2

I use this point much less for problems of the Lung than for arm or shoulder problems, when it is usually sore and deqi is easy to gain.

However, it shares with Lung point 1 the ability to descend Lung qi and disperse fullness, including phlegm, so in comparison with Lung point 1 it lacks just the ability to tonify true qi and to cool the upper warmer.

But descending Lung qi and dispersing fullness will often have the effect of cooling the upper burner anyway, so in many ways this point may have actions very similar to Lung point 1: we have just been told and taught that lung point 1 is the preferable point for these purposes!

Of course it isn’t the Lung’s entry point either, but in practice it may still act as such to some extent. It is, after all at the apex of the lung, its highest point in the body.

However, the caution about needling too deep should be taken seriously: the apex of the lung is indeed very close to the surface of the skin, particularly in thin individuals.

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