Yin Deficiency Reviews

Yin Deficiency - Burnout and Exhaustion: What to Do!

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Yin Deficiency Reviews

Five Stars

"Great and very useful and informative book,the delivery was quick as well."

By  Amazon Customer Verified purchase. Paperback edition. 21 Jan 2016

Easy Read

Small book with enough information to understand yin deficiency. Easy to read and went on to realistic details on how to manage your body when deficient.

By Blanca Paperback. Verified Purchase. 17 June 2016

3 Stars! 

Contents are good but initially too lengthy explanations

Contents are good but initially too lengthy explanations.When i received this book it was in bad shape due to bad packing.

By kiran phalke Paperback. Verified Purchase. 25 July 2016

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott Books

Please note! The Kindle editions are less easy to read! Although the paper editions cost more, they are much easier to read and to refer back and forth to the contents and index. 

Here are some of the books Jonathan has written:

Qi Stagnation - Signs of Stress

Yin Deficiency - Burnout and Exhaustion

Yang Deficiency - Get Your Fire Burning Again!

Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine

Yuck! Phlegm!: How to Clear Your Phlegm Using Ideas from Chinese Medicine (Chinese Medicine in English Book 4)

Published 1986 and, amazingly, still selling. Was apparently used back then by at least one acupuncture college to help students understand Chinese medicine!

No comments yet: just published. (Despite the lurid cover, it explains the five main types of phlegm and what works best for each type. I hope it's easy to read and will be much more useful than all the websites on the subject.)

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