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Jun 17, 2016
Blood stasis
by: Jonathan

Thank you Elizabeth, for being so open about this series of, well, disasters.

I don't usually give advice on treatments on this site, as it's really informational for the general public, but if you have difficulty reaching the affected areas and points on the channels concerned, do consider using points as per the Balance method. For example if you have problems in the left Yang Ming channel on the hip, consider treatment on your right shoulder using the Yang ming channel there. (There are many other similar ways to treat this, not least those from Dr Tung.)

Also, try to see someone who knows about hara diagnosis and have some good shiatsu massage to clear Blood stagnation and old Blood problems via Hara diagnosis and treatment. (Japanese acupuncture theory is good on this.)

Yes, to cupping, for sure. If you know what to get, Chinese herbal formulae for Blood stasis would be good.

Good luck! As you are aware, you'll need to do more than a few treatments. Eventually you'll need to see someone else to get treatment on your back too, to balance the channels there.

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