blood stasis

by Dr. Elizabeth Limber
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

pre op exray taken at ortho. superior visual clarity

pre op exray taken at ortho. superior visual clarity

In 2014 I reached for the sliding door handle on my van. I was moving a large heavy object. It was resting on my head. My vision was blocked. Just in front of the sliding door handle on my van, is the front passinger door handle. They are less than 1 inch apart and feel the same. I grabbed the front door handle by accident, thinking it would slide away from me to the rear of the van to open. I nstead I was caught by suprise when the door openened hinging toward me. I fell with me left leg twisted under me and the heavy object still resting on my head. At the e.r. I was exrayed and treated for sprained ankle.

The ankle healed as time passed but my hip became sore, stiff and constantly clenched. I saw two chiropracters and was exrayed from the head down. A later lowerdotic curve was developing, the cervical curve and thoracic curve were flat. the pelvis had a llateral tilt and the left leg appeared deficient by nearly one inch. The left greater trochanter appeared cloudy en all exrays. Dr. said arthritis. I said unilaterally? Why so? A year of adjustments and no improvement. Oftenh clenching hip muscles prevented movement.

Then I got injured by a weed wacker. Thye puncture hole was 2 inces into m left mid calf. It took nine weeks to heal. Drs. found damaged vessels in the left ankle from the original injury. They were zapped with endoscopic lazer. By now any fool could see stasis by skin color, texture, temp, ect. Activity was low because hip pain and deminished r.o.m.

I needed to get moving but first I needed a diagnosis. My GP referred me to an orthopedist for a diagnosis and referral to na pt. They took their own exrays. Only at the orthopedist was the exray taken in supine position. Everyone else had me stand

The result was shocking. The left greater trochanter had a hazirline fracture that was visable. Also visible was the colapse of femoral bone proximal to the fracture.

Las6 week on June 8th 2016, I had full hip replacement surgery to the left leg.

Meanwhile stasis of the left leg has not been delt with. Im home now. Movement is key to recovery. However I have swelling pain and stiffness of the left leg that needs to be treated for stasis. I am using compression wraps, and moving every half hour.

I am a retired LAc. I have needles and caps but can not reach many points. Im starting with choing yin wei for now.

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