Fees for Consultations

Here's how Jonathan charges his fees for consultations when you visit him in his clinic. For telephone or skype consultation fees click here.

Fees for First Consultation

The first consultation in the clinic takes longer than for treatments and is charged on the time taken at £100 per hour, pro-rata.

This means that if the first consultation - ie the time taken to reach a diagnosis and explain possible treatment strategies, even if this extends over more than one session - is 45 minutes, the cost will be £75. If it lasts 90 minutes, the cost will be £150.

Please note, the first consultation seldom lasts less than one hour and often extends well into the second hour, which means that the cost for it is usually between £100 and £200.

The first consultation is often the most important, since if a correct diagnosis is made then, you are likely to need less treatment to get better.

If there is insufficient time to complete what Jonathan needs for this, the 'first' consultation may continue at a later time or date, until Jonathan is sure of his diagnosis.

To give a rough guide, the first consultation often costs between £100 and £150. This is on the basis of a first consultation lasting between one hour and one and a half hours. The rate is pro-rata.

If it is possible, it is appropriate, you would like it and there is time to treat you during your first consultation, this is charged at £50.

Payment should be made before, during or at the end of the consultation or treatment. Fee payment should be in cash, by cheque, or by credit transfer online. If paying with a debit or credit card, there is an extra 4% charge, to cover the extra cost imposed by our card reader company.

If a room has to be hired by us to see you on a day outside the normal Monday consultation day, there will also be an hourly charge for this.

Charges for Subsequent Treatments

After the first consultation or treatment, the usual rate for each acupuncture, homoeopathic or Chinese herbal session is £50. (This assumes the time involved is not excessive. If, for some reason a session has to extend far beyond the usual time, an additional charge may be requested.)

Most treatment sessions last less than one hour.

If you haven't been to see Jonathan for a long time, by which is meant some years, of if there has been a major change in your condition which requires a very full re-assessment, then the rates for a First Consultation - see above - will probably apply.

(If you are seeing Jonathan for QXC1, then the rate is always £100 per hour, pro-rata.)

If you are prescribed herbs which are supplied through Jonathan, there will be extra costs.

Homoeopathic remedies, if supplied via Jonathan, are not charged for unless they have to be specially obtained or made for you.

How to make Payments

Click HERE for how to pay.

Jonathan is a member of the British Acupuncture Council, through whom he is insured to practise.

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