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Sep 16, 2017
Aneurysm, stroke and Blood stasis
by: Jonathan

Thanks for sharing this, Linzi.

As you say, your problem may have started many years ago with the bus accident and subsequent hypothermia, both of which could have 'slowed' the flow of your Blood, tending to Blood stasis (or Blood 'stagnation').

Your lifestyle then contributed to the stroke you had, but obviously you were built of tough stuff because here you still are!

Diet can make a huge difference to the likelihood of Blood stasis events, but it isn't a single meal that makes the difference but the continuing effect of unsuitable foods over time.

Of course exercise also has an enormous effect. How often people get up and walk around is now recognised as being influential in the incidence of deep vein thrombosis. We all need to keep walking and moving!

So, for anyone reading this for the first time, please note what Linzi says.

Then maybe read the pages on this or other websites on nutrition, exercise, primary and secondary actions, cold foods, and on how Blood is formed.

And of course, read the page on Blood Stasis. The information, and doing something with it, could save your life!

Again, Linzi, thanks.

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