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Jan 16, 2017
Your Qi stagnation
by: Jonathan

I would have preferred to reply privately to you but you gave no email address that I can see.

After a prolonged period of Qi Stagnation, things start 'collecting', as they would both above and below a dam in a river caused by a fallen river bank.

One of the things that 'collects' is called 'phlegm' in Chinese medicine. There's a page about it on this site.

Phlegm is 'made' by your Spleen (another page to look up) and usually stored in your lungs (another page!). That may explain your cough (yet another page!!) - although phlegm itswelf causes further problems, including probably the lump you feel in your throat.

By this stage Qi Stagnation may not be your main problem: you may now need urgent attention to deal with the phlegm and concentrating on your Qi Stagnation may have to wait until the phlegm and its consequences have been treated.

Hope this helps.

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