Mismatched Tableware
Great for Weddings, Parties and Dinners of up to 60 people 

Mismatched tableware? What's this got to do with acupuncture and Chinese medicine?

Well, china comes from China: Doh?!

Actually, we've just had (well, July 2016) a wedding, and daughter number one insisted on mismatched tableware, crockery, china, whatever. We had over 70 people, not 60 as above, but 11 plates look too nice to sell as part of a lot so we may sell them individually. 

Postage and Packing? Preferably come to collect it - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

But if you see something you definitely want, we can split it up and calculate postage and packing. Being china, this may be pricey, however - though we don't intend to make money on that aspect of it.

We had a lot of fun finding this set from local second-hand and charity shops in Edinburgh. 

Further down the page you'll see pictures of some of the matching pieces but plenty don't match!

The wedding took place on our front lawn, with a tepee in case of rain.

We had champagne and delicious nibbles (of which, being the father of the bride, I saw precisely nothing as too busy calming the bride) before the humanist wedding.

So by the time of the actual wedding, everyone was very happy, except the bride and me!

The ceremony took 20 minutes: very enjoyable. My first time at a humanist wedding, like almost everyone there, but taken just as seriously as an ordinary wedding.

I think the champagne made it flow very smoothly.

This set is Staffordshire pottery.

 This is a kind of set:

  • 5 dinner plates
  • 6 oval plates
  • 6 side plates
  • 6 bowls
  • 8 cups
  • 6 saucrs
  • salt and pepper canisters

After the wedding we had the meal, in the tepee, big enough for 70 people. Highly recommended, especially if it rains.

And the place for speeches too, including mine in fractured Italian and funny English. (Well, I thought it was funny, and the Italians said they could understand up to 90% of my Italian!)

The Ceilidh

Then we had a ceilidh, which is Scots for 'gathering', so basically any meeting of people is a ceilidh, but the term is usually reserved nowadays for parties where Scottish country dancing takes place, for instance at New Year or at Burns night, or at ceilidhs.

We did the dancing though I doubt if many of us knew what we were doing. But it certainly made room for the puddings, which we had later. (Real Italian gelati, included. Very good.)

7 more plates, Denbyware 'fig' pattern

These are Denby-ware: 7 plates, including 2 larger ones.

12 miscellaneous dinner plates

24 plates, 4 bowls

  • 12 dark blue floral
  • 6 pale green and leaf
  • 4 bowls in pale green
  • 6 large ovals

Villeroy & Boch

11 small Villeroy & Boch: blue-turquoise plates - contemporary design - pretty.

Cutlery for 70

Wine carafes

In our family, wine is known as 'Mummy's juice'.

There were other pieces too, mostly mismatched tableware.

  • 10 small white bowls
  • 3 clear salad bowls
  • 9 navy blue plates
  • 8 small pink and spring flower plates
  • 8 blue and yellow plates

Price for it all, excluding the 11 Bing and Grondahl pieces visible behind the cutlery - £159.

Postage on our mismatched tableware

We hope you'll collect it.

Postage and packing adds considerably to the cost.

But we'll calculate it if you insist!

Contact: 0775 278 3290 - Edinburgh

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