Qi Stagnation from Scoliosis.

by Rob MacDonald
(Edmonton, AB, Canada)

I had undiagnosed scoliosis since I was quite young. This meant my right shoulder rolled forward and down, while my right hip was higher than the left. My right ribs were more compressed together

These factors caused (what I believe is) Qi stagnation in my right organs. My lungs developed asthma. Also I had digestive issues from extremely slow digestion, and a tendency to get indigestion very easily.

My lumbar spine, gluteus medius, calf, were always tight and sore on the right side. Also my right trapezius and deltoid were chronically tight, and I had carpal tunnel syndrome quite badly in the right wrist. All of these factors caused compensations in the left side such as rotator cuff issues with my left shoulder!

The journey to get healthy has been a long road and is still continuing. Yoga has been pivotal to aid my mindfulness of where is tight and how to correctly stretch.

I got acupuncture which did help ease symptoms. Some channels such as the right BL and LI meridians were majorly affected by the scoliosis. Acupuncture was part of the solution while the yoga helped the structural elements of my musculoskeletal system.

I've ordered the book Qi Stagnation, and I am excited to read it because I believe that it will expand my awareness into this issue and help me enhance my recovery even more. IMHO, more people with Scoliosis should take the time to understand the complexities of Qi Stagnation.

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