Qi Stagnation

by Whitney

My main complaint was basilar migraine. Literally, the blood in the basilar artery was being blocked from the rest of my brain. These are "stroke like" migraines. I had seen traditional neurologists for years. They did find a medicine (Topamax) that did help me. But, I was getting married and wanted kids. Topamax causes horrible things to the fetus and takes up to 3 years to get out of the system. I went through a painful withdrawal period. After a year or so of the migraines, I turned to acupuncture. The acupuncturist also gave me guasha, some sort of menthal type balm, and prescribed at home exercises and diet for me. I went from having migraines all but 3 days of the month during most months, to having a migraine every other month or so, and they last only a few hours and I am still able to go out and do things I want with them.

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