Qi Stagnation

by Nina
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

I have been back and forth to my doctor and to an endocrinologist to help me resolve my health issues but to no avail. So now my journey has taken me to an acupuncturist with TCM.

I have had symptoms for 8 years when my thyroid stopped working properly and at the same time I went into perimenopause. Symptoms are: Having to eat every 2 hours otherwise feeling light headed and irritable, something like Reactive Hypoglycemia. Since all my blood work shows as normal, the medical profession reckons I'm alright. They have no idea how awful I feel when my symptoms kick in, which happens if I don't eat frequently.

I have had just two sessions of acupuncture but I suppose it's too early to feel better yet. He told me that I have stagnant Qi so I stumbled across this article and much of it resonates with me.

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