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Jan 10, 2017
Qi Stagnation blocking you off with bloating
by: Jonathan

The writer here does not say how or when this started, or how it is affecting his bowel actions or digestion. For example, if there have been major changes in his bowel actions ongoing for over a month, I think he should see a doctor. Likewise, the sensations felt in the arms and chest may need investigation, but could also be caused by Qi stagnation.

If his condition IS due to Qi Stagnation, there is almost certainly an emotional cause: possibly anger, frustration, anxiety or disappointment, as examples.

Dealing with that or those underlying emotional cause(s) may take time and help.

Meantime, there are other things he can do. They can make a huge difference. Of course, seeing a good acupuncturist would be high on my list.

But even before that there are things he can do to help himself. The most effective, for many people, is exercise: vigorous exercise that gets him out of breath. It works best if done outdoors in pleasant surroundings, but it still works if done indoors.

The right diet, and eating properly are really important.

Many people automatically assume their problem is due to allergies, but this may not be the case. Certainly over-eating or exposing oneself to the wrong food or environment can lead to your body treating it like a poison, but our bodies, given the right conditions, have huge abilities to mend themselves.

Fresh food, from good sources, freshly cooked and prepared, eaten regularly, with avoidance of sugars, bad fats, refined flours etc can make people better and positive very quickly.

Conversely, bad food, eaten in a rush, under work pressure, with top-ups of chocolate, coffee and sugary drinks and snacks, will quickly make you ill and more susceptible to Qi Stagnation. By just eating the right foods and cutting out the bad foods you will find your body can usually correct itself.

If fed right, it can survive better when subjected to adverse emotional situations.

Qi stagnation can be both a cause and a result of other conditions. I've written more about this in my book 'Qi Stagnation - Signs of Stress'. I'm told it's easy to read, and the introduction can help you quickly find which chapters might help you, so you don't have to read it all! - but keep it as a reference.

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