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Jun 05, 2018
Jack's Qi stagnation problem
by: Jonathan

Jack's self-diagnosis sounds right as regards Qi stagnation though some of his symptoms show that his problem has now, after many years, gone a bit deeper and is now affecting his Heart energy (for example: vivid dreams, hearing his own heartbeat, sleep and speech articulation problems) and Spleen (tendency to get obsessed).

I'm not so certain about his self-diagnosis of Liver Fire and Dampness, though these may well follow.

Meditation and exercise are both good for these syndromes.

If Jack's job is the cause, and it cannot be changed, then he probably is not 100% curable but the right treatment might well prevent his symptoms from worsening.

Such treatment would aim first to deal with the syndromes mentioned and then possibly help him examine his aims in life to see if a different lifestyle, including job, were possible.

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