Qi Stagnation

by Jack
(London, UK)

Feeling stuffy, taking deep breaths, feeling tired even with lots of sleep. Light sleeper, feeling hot at night yet having chills at times - the temperature just does not feel right. easily irritated and frustrated/short tempered. At night before going to sleep can hear my own heartbeat (yet i dont have high blood pressure issues- 120/75), throbbing is felt in the inner ears and feeling as if the heart is feeling a bit pain. gets much lighter after a good game of badminton or 30 mins of jogging. While the mind is focused on a task, it is narrow and keeps digging deeper (almost obsessed). Once the mind comes out of that phase, it feels tired and lost; speech articulation is impacted and sometimes motor controls are not precise. feeling head heavy with lots of thoughts but not able to grasp one of them. Seems like there is a lot going on in the head but there is nothing because outside, I am just "calm" from tiredness and not wanting to act but can get triggered. Feels really good to laugh

Meditation really helps esp when I when up in the night at 3am. meditate one hour and get a very good night sleep. Meditate in the morning when I get up first thing and the day feels so much better.

My work is very stressful and draining. A lot of issues everyday as I am in the Logistics trade. Many complaints and sometimes it feels like one step forward two steps back. This has been going on for about at least 10 years through several different jobs and I am now 42.

recently having vivid dreams. Face skin is dry and blushes.

I have read your sections on Liver Fire, Liver Qi Stagnation and Dampness and I think I have all these issues.

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