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May 24, 2019
Qi Stagnation
by: Jonathan

Hi Hermineh

Very sorry to read about your pain and problems. Many of your symptoms may well involve Qi Stagnation, either by being their underlying cause or acting to aggravate other underlying conditions.

However, when you have had severe Qi Stagnation for a long time, it can start to lead to other syndromes, usually more serious: I explain these in my book "Qi Stagnation - Signs of Stress".

These more serious conditions are harder to cure and can produce disease pictures recognised in Western medicine. If these lead to changes in the structure or integrity of your physical body, your Doctors may have many ways to approach them, as perhaps you have found.

At this later stage, it is not too late to help yourself by receiving good treatment from someone trained in Chinese medicine/acupuncture if indeed Qi Stagnation is predominant. But almost certainly other syndromes recognised in Chinese medicine will need attention too.

A good acupuncturist would be able to describe these and start treatment but please recognise that one treatment would not be enough. You might well find that Chinese herbal treatment would help too.

My professional organisation, the British Acupuncture Council, lists only two members in California, both in the San Francisco area, which may be too far North for you.

You can do a search for them at

By searching for 'acupuncturist in south california' on the web, I found many practitioners listed. In choosing one, it may help to be guided by reviews of their work and by their professional qualifications and experience.

I hope you find someone who can help you.

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