by Hermineh eskandari
(California )

Hi I have all symptoms you described here, started with shortness of breath, now I feel wind in my middle burner and heat coming up to my throat and nose and even making breathing difficult. I wake up early to breathlessness, and pain under my right ribs makes my life miserable, I have bloated stomach and always feel full, so I eat less but can not eliminate the toxin.

Pain in both elbows started, and in hip, I am low progesterone and cystic ovaries and in so much pain. I took DIM which immediately alleviated my pelvic cyst rupture pain.

So I really don't know what to do: they send me to digestion and gastro-specialist, thyroid and RA. But none except the thyroid seem to be the case.

Please help me. I have been looking for a solution for the last 11 years and I have never come across a website IR article which could explain my symptoms so well and comprehensive. Please help me by sending me medicine maybe? Or sending me to a reliable knowledgeable acupuncturist you may know in south California?

I really need to do something before it turns to something bad, i really literally stopped living, i am just spending days waiting for my death as I see no solution and don't know what to do with these drs. And my deteriorating pain.

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