Qi Stagnation

by pds
(richmond, va, usa)

After every meal, feel uncomfortable: stomach is distended. Also, there's a gurgling sound in the stomach. I tend to have dry skin and hair, cold hands and am very susceptible to cold (carry my shawl everywhere). Neck muscles usually stiff. Chronic constipation and bleeding hemorrhoids. Dark under-eye circles. Dry lips. Coating on the tongue in the morning and sometimes have a weird taste.

I tend to over-think, get anxious, tend to be indecisive, like to read and learn but retain very little, feel overwhelmed, and like to read and try different health stuff but give up before really following it through. Inconsistent with when I eat and go to bed. have more energy later in the day then in the morning.

Comment from Jonathan:

First, thank you to this contributor for being so open about his or her symptoms!

The writer has a number of syndromes besides Qi stagnation. Not knowing the background and not having seen the writer, I cannot say whether the Qi stagnation came first and was the originating cause or was the result of other syndromes, such as Blood deficiency, Kidney deficiency, Shen disturbance and imbalance in Earth energy (Stomach and Spleen) for example.

However, conditions like this often do start with an extended period of Qi stagnation, which so disrupts your energy that these other syndromes start to appear.

Sometimes there is a fairly simple treatment that helps to put right the basic problem, following which the other syndromes begin to improve. But sometimes quite a few syndromes must be treated before there is improvement.

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