Qi Stagnation

by Michele
(Portland Oregon USA )

I recently went through 2 years if unbearable stress. Physical and emotional. This past year I began to have serious physical symptoms. Headaches constantly, eye pain, dry eye, TMJ, anxiety and dizziness with ringing in ears. I thought I had a tumor or was going to go blind! All my doctors said they couldn't find anything seriously wrong except that I had dry eyes. All the other pain and symptoms were "unexplained" by western doctors. I went to acupuncturist and he said I had Qi Stagnation of the Liver and that I also was having kidney and gallbladder involved along with blood stagnation. I've started treatment. So far I've noticed more peace in my life. More optimistic and less anxious. I will continue for 6 weeks of treatment and he will add herbs soon. I have made a plan to exercise, and do relaxation as well. My dry eyes and eye pain are the worst part of all of this, so I am hopeful that this will help

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