Qi Stagnation

by Elle

During the mid part of the summer a rather large pile of books fell on my feet. One foot sustained a large contusion and I started limping, putting excess pressure on my opposite foot.

For three days after the incident I experienced burning pain in both feet that required me to ice them throughout the day. I was in agony for weeks, but did not miss a day on my job.

Finally due to pain, I saw a series of professionals. The first told me I had hip bursitis-take NSAIDs. No mention of my feet.

The next xrayed my feet, the one with the contusion was determined to have an "equivocal fracture." I was given tramadol, which did nothing to help me.

I next saw a foot and ankle surgeon, who put me in a brace and a boot, complaining about the earlier X-rays being old! I hobbled around in severe pain.

Weeks went by with PT, but little change in my pain level and an ever worsening gait problem. I could no longer stand on my toes.

I saw another specialist who ordered an MRI which revealed a bone bruise on one foot and inflammation in the other.

I saw a chiropractor who felt one foot was slightly dislocated, his adjustment did nothing, but his tests revealed that my upper back was out of alignment. He recommended lots of treatments and orthotics.

Finally I met with an acupuncturist who saw me yesterday. After going through my medical history she treated me for qi stagnation. She mentioned my kidney multiple times.

Afterward I came home and slept for 12 hours. When I awoke I found myself going to the bathroom repeatedly. I had no reduction in my foot pain, but for the first time in years I realized I had not clenched my jaw in my sleep-I never mentioned this as a problem to her.

I popped many of the acupunture needles. I am not sure what this signifies, but I am going to return for more sessions, because even if acupuncture does not resolve my foot problems, it may benefit me in other ways. Thank you for your article.

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