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Aug 13, 2016
I have the same issues
by: Anonymous

What's your current diet?

I have to eat gluten free, organic, ph9+ alkaline water, or my stomach gets super tight..

I notice juicing organic vegetables and fruits help..

Do you have swollen testicles sometimes?
You might have pelvic floor disorder based on your's stress and psychologically related if you didn't notice an injury..
occasionally a virus or kidney stone can do some damage to the pelvic area as well.

My story is I had rheumatoid for several years..weak body but actually overcame rheumatoid..but then tried living in Japan for a few months..the lifestyle was too hard on my body..and then suddenly had the same symptoms as you..I also wasnt able to keep up with my proper nutrition and lost 30 pounds..almost starved to death from being so weak too.
I gained my weight back now after being back home in America but havent improved my health much...

I agree that lying down isnt the solution to this kind of issue though..I was easy on myself because I was afraid my testicles would explode because just sitting or standing make them get super tight..

the only way I found to slowly get my health back is..
going to the gyms jacuzzi, then walk in the pool, qigong in pool, then jacuzzi, then pool, switching temperatures is good for destroying viruses or bacteria in the body I think...

and taking a bath with epsom salts..massage pelvic area when you need to..

also might want to look into biofeedback if its internal..

and tell yourself "I am strong. I feel great"

gotta say that a lot out loud or in your mind..a lot of it is in the mind..its so easy to get depressed and think "I cannot do this because of pain" etc..

you can do it!

Even though its painful I force myself to sit in chairs sometimes..
I am only 29 by the way lol
But I plan to be better from this as soon as possible..I lost to it mentally for 4 months so far..but I am strong!!!

I am trying to do jumping jacks sometimes..only can handle a few, but just going to do it every hour, then eventually work up to normal numbers again!!

Jun 03, 2015
Your exhaustion
by: Jonathan

Thanks for your contribution, Ayman.

It's hard to say what your original cause was. That might take a consultation with someone knowledgeable.

But if you are finding exercise and watching your diet helps and you realise that stress makes your symptoms worse, then certainly Qi Stagnation would seem to fit.

If so, acupuncture might speed your recovery.

Good luck!

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott

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