Qi Stagnation

by Ayman Elsheikh
(Birmingham, UK)

Hello, I am 38 male Two years ago I had one of the terrible time of my life. gone through some kind of exhaustion after I think i injured my pelvic area despite all the test ultrasound and blood test and doctors visit show nothing wrong. Stated to get very sick and high liver enzymes also there no injury to the liver. Prostatitis like symptoms. Muscle spasm and weakness and twitching low energy depression and fatigue for no other medical reason also the no causes of high liver enzymes. I also stop exercising because of fatigue no sex drive at all. I got really frustrated with all that.
Suddenly things started to ease little bit after 16 months sleep getting little better fatigue as not as bad still no sex drive muscle pain reduced a little. But what I find helping is watching my diet and do running exercise, heavy weight training is not helpful at the moment.
hopefully will try regular accupuncture, regular running and reducing stress.

For me depression, anxiety and fear causes these problems and now its going to take time to recover.

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