Qi stagnation

by Cait Clarke
(Washington state, USA)

I experienced a near violent attack of qi stagnation, triggered by the re-occurrence of a household event.

In normal circumstances, I should have cleaned up and moved on with my day. Instead, I was filled with screaming rage to a degree that surprised and scared myself.

Screaming, eyelids twiching, head pounding, sinuses filling as the liver qi built pressure and rose to escape via lung and heart.

Realising that it was an imbalance and not the situation that was really the issue, I searched through my TCM training and treated for stagnant liver qi, stimulating LI4 and LV3 for several minutes each point.

The effect was almost immediate dissipation of rage, although sighing persisted for some time afterwards as the lungs dealt with processing the rush of toxic liver qi escaping upward.

I also used the classic healing sounds and inner smile to help organs re-balance and heal, and will change my qi gong routine to focus more on balancing wood and fire.

I took a look at my diet, and found that I have been eating foods that encourage qi stagnation, and am switching to foods that alleviate it.

I am also looking at ways to reduce the stress in my environment, as that is a huge issue. Although I know it is temporary (moving from one country to another), it is still a factor and there is much that is under my control to make the situation easier.

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