Qi Stagnation

by Anna

...at least I gather, that having a red tip on my tongue, which I have more or less permanently, is an indication of the above.
It is true that moving around helps alleviate things on the whole. Interesting is also that when the worst happens, I cannot move at all any more and pass out.

The worst being a kidney colic, with extreme nausea, heat, waves of pain and anxiety, vomiting and bouts of unconsciousness.

Luckily this hasn't happened so severely anymore in the past year or so. I used EFT-techniques to get myself through the 'attack' the last couple of times and instead of passing out and the whole thing repeating itself all night long, gradually the waves subsided. It took me years to find out these were kidney stones. For some reason doctors, therapists, homeopaths and accupuncturists never found out it was my kidney.

The beginning of the build up of stagnation is of course what would be interesting in this process. But it is so old that the beginning can't be found precisely. Parent with Japanese prison camp childhood, childhood abuse by grandfather, alcohol abuse in early teenage years.

Certainly the free expression of anger (let alone irritation) wasn't always possible, though the expression of FEAR was far more of a taboo and more repressed than anger.

Nowadays after a great deal of working through these experiences, I'd say I'm a happy and balanced person.

I walk and cycle a lot, work in a sociable environment where I'm on the move and use my hands all the time. Creativity is a big part of my life. But the red tip on the tongue is still there :-)

Glass of wine perhaps, every so often. Thanks for your very well written, interesting and cheering article!

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