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Apr 15, 2016
Mickey's Qi stagnation
by: Jonathan

From what Mickey says, she definitely experiences Qi stagnation. It's not something that is purely theoretical, it's very real and the symptoms she has are classic indications of it.

Some of her symptoms might go on to be deeper problems if not corrected. For example, her acupuncturist is rightly concerned about her stools, which suggest that her Spleen energy may be weakened and/or that her Kidney yang is below par.

Kidney Yang deficiency latter might also account for the ear ringing.

So the treatment she receives will probably aim first to ease her symptoms of Qi stagnation and then deal with any deeper weaknesses that make her more susceptible to Qi stagnation.

Anyway, thanks to Mickey for sharing. Others may be encouraged to examine themselves likewise.

Of course, eventually, the causes of the stress must be dealt with, otherwise the problems will tend to recur.

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