Qi Stagnation

by Mickey

The compilation of aspects related to Qi Stagnation pretty much described what has happened, or is happening to me!

Little surprised there...

I do have an acupuncturist; I found her because I had tennis elbow, from tennis, that was lasting for over six weeks. Not only could I not play tennis but I couldn't raise a glass of wine, my elbow was that weak.8-0! I should add right now that I took up tennis because I needed an outlet and tennis is the only time that I don't think about anything but that. It seems to be one of my only breaks.

I have just turned 60 and am female. I have always held my breath and am notorious for sighing; it usually happens when I am thinking deeply or holding my tongue as is pursing my lips.

I have raised my kids from when they were tweens by myself and have been the power of attorney for both my parents. Although I have a sister, I am the one there and the last two years have been over stressful. I just have my dad now but almost lost him four times, that being said I'm pretty proud of myself for setting things up to make it possible for him to enjoy his life. There is always something to deal with, currently it's insurances.

In any event, I can't sleep and I'm working on that with my Acupuncturist. Things are starting to change up. Any physical ailment like the elbow or a twisted ankle responds with one treatment, this is taking awhile because, as I am seeing, it's taken awhile to get here.

My bowels have been loose, not that I cared about that but acupuncturist does. That is responding.

I am absolutely addicted to spicy and salty foods, not a little a lot. We are working on this, but it's hard. I don't have a sweet tooth.

I am doing meditation before bed, I am desperate and hoping it will help and have done yoga in the past.

Something you wrote made a lot of sense and something I have noticed. I sleep better the night that I've seen friends usually one on one and just talked and laughed. I laugh a lot so this really helps.

I had to give up my job, one that I loved because it was impossible to deal with the stress. I woke up with my heart racing bathed in sweat.

My heart doesn't race like it was, but I had to change something because the racing of my heart wasn't stopping and it was emotionally driven. Ironically my heart was the most steady and measured while playing tennis. Something had to change.

I sleep deep when I sleep, thank the stars because if I didn't have that I would be a walking zombie. I dream a lot but I like dreaming. The inability to fall asleep is the worst.

So what did you pick up on...lots, from what calms me to those physical quirks I have of the BIG sigh. I am glad you mentioned about the wine because I do like having a couple of glasses with friends, but I am keeping it out of my place as a strategy. Oh, and I was convinced I had allergies but testing showed not only did I not have any, but was the least reactive person to things that he saw. I went because I was having headaches at the same time of day, ends up that same time of day thing stopped when my ex left. Who woulda thought?

I am also saying no to being around or engaging with those I am not crazy over, there is no need to prove how strong I am because I am. That is just plain torture. That is working for me.

I do tend to be reactive and impatient, and yes that has been managed with maturity.

So thanks for helping me pinpoint things. It also will help me to bring things up with my acupuncturist that might help. I've never told her my ears ring although she asked me about my breathing just recently. I told her I hold my breath. I just told her the last time how vividly I dream.

So many things....nice clarification.

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