Qi Stagnation

I was overworking on computer and doing many kind of work at rehab facility, and recovering from drug addiction meantime.

I havent had sleep in 6months now and now i can since i did youtubes asmr brain massage, yoga, qi gong, walking, fasting.

Since i have been feeling weak, i was thinking it must come from lack of nutrition so i have also gained weight that i have dropped from 92kg-85kg.

Qi stagnation pretty much started when i had accident in skii jumping and after that i started working when i recovered from 2 broken shoulders so it pretty much started because of my shoulders and other one got surgery so my yoga changed and i couldent open myself.

I think that now with this lifestyle and actually can feel the qi flowing again but i still am deficent if i keep doing these things, might and hope to get better.

Thanks for this site.

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