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What have QXC1 Treatments been used for? 

A Few Quotes from People who have taken QXCI Treatment

  • It discovered something I wouldn't even have told my mother! Amazing! (RD)
  • Very Beneficial! (UL)
  • Highly intelligent and perceptive. (AJS)
  • Very thorough: I found it unexpectedly perceptive and therefore thought-provoking. I give it TEN out of ten for explaining my condition and its background. Very useful. (NOM)
  • Very comfortable, very interesting and important. A great way forward for the future. (SK)
  • A fascinating process - so much information to take in at the first session. (CM)
  • The results were accurate and the dietary recommendations have been effective. After two weeks of sticking to the advice I've lost 4lb and acquired a glowing complexion. (Precious Williams in the London Evening Standard 6/03/01).
  • It correctly identified all three allergies I knew about, with another handful of substances that, on reflection, I agree with. What is more, it suggested some foods that might particularly benefit me, and also suggested a therapy that is already - now - helping. (BWD)
  • Amazing! Very impressive: I never thought a simple box could be so accurate. (CN)
  • Very relaxing and informative. Should be used by GPs and hospitals: would in long run cut down waiting times for consultations. (FP)
  • What did I particularly like? The diagnosis and ease (of use) without pain, and the info' given I knew nothing about. I was amazed at the accuracy of a tiny machine. (MD)
  • Since having (only) one QXCI treatment two weeks ago I have had no more b...-p..., having suffered it for 30 years. (MD)
  • Since using it over two months ago now, I have noticed a steady increase in energy and liveliness. I definitely feel better than I did, and I can't think of any other reason. And I haven't been ill at all, when others round me have caught everything. (WCN)

    Please note! As from 1st July 2011 the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) insists that except for a very limited range of conditions, no claims for efficacy may be made for therapies explained on this website, either in describing problems treated or testimonials given by patients about successful treatments, (except in the broadest terms) unless what is called "robust" scientific evidence is given in support.

    In general this means that a series of double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised tests on humans must be done in sufficient numbers to meet stringent criteria of the kind now required in modern drug-testing by large pharmaceuticals. A majority of these must show positive results.

    For therapies that base their treatments on individualised diagnoses in terms of an understanding of health markedly different from Western or orthodox medicine, this is very difficult, and beyond the financial means available. Hence on this page we cannot claim any therapeutic benefits from using the QXC1. Nor can we report what patients have said about its effects, except very generally - see above. 

    In fact, you'll notice that we have deleted the letters from one word where a patient claims success. Ring us for the missing information, which we can't even send you by email. Sorry. You are welcome to ring us for a verbal explanation, however!


  • Allergy analysis
  • Bicom Bioresonance
  • Electro Acupuncture Therapy
  • Spinal Flow Adjustment
  • Tri-Vector Adjustment
  • Scaler and Null Field Balancing
  • Cranial-Sacral
  • Electronic Reflexology
  • Color Therapy
  • Skin Therapy
  • Weight Loss analysis


  • Phobia control via NLP
  • TENS therapy for pain control
  • Dental and TMJ Transfer Analysis
  • Homeopathic Miasmatic Analysis
  • Detoxification analysis
  • Organ Reactivity Evaluation analysis
  • Wellness Measurements
  • Muscle Evaluation analysis
  • Herbal and Nutritional Charts


  • Food Sensitivities
  • Nutrition
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Toxicities
  • Hormone Levels
  • Viruses and Bacteria
  • Fungi and Parasites
  • Environmental Factors

Cost and Length of QXC1 Sessions

    QXC1 Treatments are non-invasive, informative, relaxing and pleasant for the client.

    However, a very long session can be tiring so sometimes a session is terminated early.

    In a normal session,  the cost is based on £100 per hour pro-rata.

    Sessions usually take AT LEAST 90 minutes so if your session were to last that long it would cost £150. If it lasts 2 hours, the cost would be £200, and so on.

    Methods of payment? See fee payment. If you are unknown to us we may ask you to make payment before coming for the consultation.


    We do not do QXC1 Treatments on patients with pacemakers, or if they have an extreme electrical allergy, or where the patient has had electroshock therapy.

    This is not because we think it would do harm, but because, unfortunately and increasingly, we live in an era of defensive medicine. 

    We do not apply the harness over broken skin.

More Information on QXC1 Treatments

Other things Jonathan does

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott practises a number of therapies.

Over the years he's gradually learned which ones help in different situations, so don't be surprised if he recommends another form of treatment for your problem. In some cases he may recommend someone else to do the treatment.

Here are some of the other therapies he practises:

Over the years he's gradually learned which ones help in different situations, so don't be surprised if he recommends another form of treatment for your problem. In some cases he may recommend someone else to do the treatment.

Here are some of the other therapies he practises:

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott Books

All the books in the 'Chinese Medicine in English' series should be fully accessible on Kindles and Kindle apps. (Or you can buy the softback print editions, of course.)

('Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine' published 1986, was never available in a Kindle version.)

Request! Please!

If, having read one of my books you can write a review - preferably positive - that would help others decide whether to read it.

You can put your review on Amazon or, on this site, here.

And if you think it was terrible?

Well, let me know so I can improve it for the next person. (Ideally let me know before cursing it in public!)

Here are some of the books I (Jonathan) have written.

Subscribers to Kindle Unlimited can borrow the first four for 'free'.

Qi Stagnation - Signs of Stress

Yin Deficiency - Burnout and Exhaustion

Yang Deficiency - Get Your Fire Burning Again!

Yuck! Phlegm! How to Clear Your Phlegm ...

Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine

Published 1986 and, amazingly, still selling. Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine was apparently used back then by at least one acupuncture college to help students understand Chinese medicine! See Reviews.

Seven Reviews so far for Yuck Phlegm. (Despite the lurid cover, it explains the five main types of phlegm and what works best for each type. I hope it's easy to read and will be much more useful than all the websites on the subject.)

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