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Jun 27, 2015
RPF and Fasting - reply to Albert
by: Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott

Thanks for your contribution, Albert!

Yes, TCM seldom (never?) talks about fasting as a way to heal yourself, but it has been well used in Europe for centuries.

As you say, it should be approached cautiously with due prior preparation. Also, a fast of 8 - 10 days would be too long for many people and not very practicable if working or with a demanding family or schedule because of the need for energy to do the work.

Re 'Cold' therapy, I agree. In cold climates we live in heated homes and work environments that are too hot for us and so don't force our bodies to learn to adapt. Turn the central heating down and wear more!

In hot climates we use air conditioning which is a boon, but probably most of us wouldn't otherwise live in those environments - and air conditioning is a source of 'Wind', probably the most important - and potentially vicious - external source of illness in TCM.

Fasting and 'cold tempering' should not be used by sick, young, old, convalescent or other people who have very low physical resources, unless supervised by experienced and knowledgeable support staff.

Thanks Albert for your suggestions about pages on guasha and acupressure. At the time of writing this I have a page on guasha but it is not yet ready and I want to get some good photos before making it public.

Also, I'm in the middle of writing a whole lot of other pages.

Thanks again!

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