RPF and Fasting

by Albert

Another way people seem to deal with RPF is water-only fasting, for up to 8 or 10 days (of course with due preparation and prior shorter fasts). Body metabolism shifts to using ketones as fuel, bugs are driven out by increasing cell autophagy.

I myself had very, very good results myself with "cold therapy". I lived 3 years with recurring respiratory infections after a bad bout of bronchitis. Got sick basically everytime when I got exposed to (cold) wind.

Finally got it under control with cordyceps sinensis (thank you, TCM) and using the momentum gained by gradually building tolerance to cold environments (cold showers, sandals, being barefoot). Nursing yourself with wool-socks all the time destroys your thermal autoregulation. I know fasting and "cold tempering" are not very TCM, but seem to have their merit too.

Anyway, thank you for your site and great description of acupoint use and TCMs view on pathogenesis. I'd love it if you wrote a bit more on gua-sha and acupressure, as I think that people can use those relatively safely for self treatment.

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