Margaret Roy: Homoeopath, Author, Psychotherapist

Margaret Roy

Margaret Roy FSAPH set up the Scottish College of Homoeopathy in 1985 and was its Director until 2015. She is the author of many important textbooks, and she is also a noted speaker on homoeopathy.


Scottish College of Homoeopathy

Margaret was the College’s Educational Director throughout its existence.

After graduating from Strathclyde University, she studied Education and Psychology at Glasgow, London and Open Universities.

She is a former advisor to the Society of Homoeopaths on Education and Politics, representing the Society on the Council Of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

It was after this that Margaret Roy set up the Scottish College of Homoeopathy in Glasgow.

Her special responsibilities at the college were Year Three Homoeopathic Pathology and Clinical Supervisor.

Margaret was an advisor to the Institute of Complementary Medicine and one of the examiners on their register of Classical Homoeopaths.

Two of Margaret Roy’s books are basic texts used in several colleges here and abroad. To order, see below.


Margaret Roy
Margaret Roy FSAPH


Margaret Roy: A Practising Psychotherapist

Margaret Roy was also a practising psychotherapist trained at the Karuna Institute using Buddhist psychology, which is similar to Homoeopathy in recognising the innate health of the being, Brilliant Sanity.     

As such she was accredited with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy – UKCP. She has also studied Psychoanalytical theory and child development at the Scottish Institute of Human Relations.

In her past she spent six years working with emotionally disturbed children. Homoeopathically, her interest was working with families and studying generations of health.


Margaret Roy, Fellow of SAPH, FSAPH


MArgaret Roy FSAPH receiving her Fellowship
Margaret Roy receiving her Fellowship of the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths

In recognition of her contribution to homoeopathy in Scotland, in 2013 the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths awarded her its Fellowship.

Qi Gong

Margaret is now also a fully qualified teacher of Qi Gong, which she teaches in Biggar.

Other Interests

Margaret studies geology and walks all over the place! She still lectures and speaks on homoeopathy.

On this site she has contributed a page on the Disease Process.


Books by Margaret Roy

Homoeopathic Acute Prescribing: A Text for Practitioners, First Aid and Self-help

Homoeopathic Constitutional Prescribing

Homoeopathic Case Analysis

The Principles of Homoeopathic Philosophy: A Self Directed Learning Text

A First Materia Medica for Homoeopathy: A Self Directed Learning Text


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