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Food for Covid 19

What’s the best food for covid 19 problems if you’re on anti-inflammatory medicine for immune type problems but suspect you have the virus?

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Yuck Phlegm cover

Yuck Phlegm Reviews

This page lists Yuck Phlegm reviews that I’ve received or found on the net. It won’t have them all because I’m too busy to search for them. Hope it helps you decide whether to buy the book.

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Patient Data Form

Patient Data Form

What is our Patient Data Protection Policy? Here is the form we ask patients to sign and there is a link to our FULL data protection policy on the page.

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Examples of Yin Excess

Here are some examples of Yin Excess. As you’ll see, they are quite common. If you yourself have examples, you can add them at the bottom of the page.

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Chinese medical illustration

TCM Theory

With TCM Theory, the more you study the more everything becomes inter-connected. That’s both a strength and a weakness!

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Acupuncture-Points Disclaimer

This acupuncture-points disclaimer explains that you should base no action on information you get from this site. See a professional, qualified practitioner for a diagnosis!

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clogstoun congee

Clogstoun Congee

Clogstoun Congee hydrates your body, nourishing your Lungs and immune function. And it gives your Stomach exactly what you need to start your day.

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Weight Loss Control

Weight Loss Control

For Weight Loss Control, you must ensure your ‘Chief Controller’ is working for and not against you. Here’s how to help your Heart do its job.

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