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Common diseases listed here cover those that people often ask about.

It doesn’t cover all common diseases, by any means! We add them as and when we have time, or when patients of our clinic need them.

For example, it doesn’t include infectious diseases by name, although people ask about them. Often we treat infectious diseases with experience based on the theory of the 4 levels: you’ll see it listed below.

Notice that there are some strange words, like ‘Qi Stagnation‘, ‘Yang Excess‘, and ‘Yin Deficiency‘. Actually, these are ‘syndromes‘ in Chinese medicine, but we’ve included them because they’re becoming well-known. You might have encountered them, and if you haven’t – well, you’ll certainly know people who have: they’re worth knowing about!

But first, Is acupuncture medicine feasible for your problem? On that page there’s a link to the research being done.

Then, in case you thought acupuncture was just ‘stick a needle where it hurts’ and secretly think the rest is placebo: –


It may help you realise that Chinese medicine has a huge body of theory, fundamentally different to that of Western medicine, about how your body deals with disease.

Common Diseases List

Please note that some items are listed several times under different descriptions.

(That’s because a book’s index irritates me when it says, for X, see Y! The downside is that you may click on several descriptions of the same thing in hope that you are getting something different, when you’re not.)


Back Pain
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Curcumin dish – Photo by Lucy Turner



Fertility Center in Chinese Medicine
Fertility Center workings in Chinese medicine
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S-T Common Diseases list


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Empty section of our common diseases list! (Except for my hat.)
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Sorry! Nothing in this section of our common diseases list yet!


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    1. I had started a page on Colitis but got diverted when changing the location of my clinic. We already have a page on Irritable Bowel Syndrome which could be said to be a mild form of colitis.

      Now I’ve settled into my new clinic I’ll start getting back to various pages currently in early draft, like the page on colitis. Thank you for the reminder!

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