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If you would like to get help from Jonathan via a telephone, Skype or Zoom consultation, here’s how to arrange it.

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott

And first, have you received a diagnosis from a doctor yet?

If not, we suggest you first see a qualified medical practitioner, such as a general practitioner of medicine.

Jonathan, though trained to a high level in what he does, is not a qualified doctor. Sometimes you need to see a doctor, especially in life-threatening situations or emergencies.

But also in long-term chronic conditions it is good to know what a doctor might suggest for your health.

If this consultation is your first experience of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, you may be a little apprehensive! The ideas used in Chinese medicine are very different from the Western medicine you are used to, and the way disease is treated is quite different too.

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The Telephone, Skype or Zoom Consultation itself

  • Although Jonathan will do his best to help you, he accepts no liability for either his diagnosis or suggestions, nor for any results or lack of them. 
  • Please read the disclaimer!
  • You will be telephoning Jonathan, not the other way round, so you have to pay for the cost of the call. If you are ringing from a mobile or from abroad, please make sure you have permission from whoever pays the bills! It could be expensive in some situations.
  • The consultation fee you pay is over and above any cost of the telephone, Skype or Zoom cost. The consultation fee you pay is for Jonathan’s time and experience.
  • Your deposit must have been received before the consultation can go ahead. When paying, (you’ll see below how to pay) make sure that you identify yourself. You don’t want to pay and then find your payment can’t be identified as yours. 
  • Ideally include your name, but to arrange the time of the appointment we need an email address or telephone number so we can email or text you times and make arrangements. 
  • Jonathan sees patients on Mondays all day and on Wednesday mornings in person so a telephone or Skype consultation with him is usually not possible on Mondays all-day or on Wednesday mornings. 
  • When you have paid, Jonathan will text or email you with possible times for you to ring. You let him know your choice(s) and he confirms whichever time is OK back to you.
  • If you seek Jonathan’s telephone or Skype consultation help to understand your health problem in terms of Chinese medicine, do realize that there are certain limitations on what he can do! 
  • For example, he can’t take your pulse and often he can’t see you tongue properly, even on Skype or Zoom, because – for example – the colours don’t always present on-screen properly.
  • Compared with when people see Jonathan for a consultation in person in Edinburgh, it is not possible by telephone or Skype to touch you or palpate your sore areas or acupuncture channels, doing which often contributes to a diagnosis.
  • Jonathan can’t treat you by telephone, Skype or Zoom consultation. He can only listen, question, talk, explain and suggest.
  • You are welcome to record the session.
  • Try to ensure that you have no interruptions! Sometimes these are unavoidable, and likewise very occasionally even at Jonathan’s end, but it’s better to tell your family or colleagues that you’re going to be busy and then to close the door.
  • The time you pay for is for one person only, not for your family or friends to present their problems as well. It is, however, fine to have someone else present to assist you if you wish. He or she may be able to remember things you forget, or make observations about you that help.
  • The time and length of appointment you arrange cannot be split up into lots of little appointments. For example, you can’t pay for an hour and take it in several bits at different times.
  • Refunds? Once a time is arranged, if for some reason you can’t be present then or wish to cancel or change it, you must give at least 24 hours notice otherwise your deposit is not refundable.
  • If Jonathan has to cancel telephone or Skype consultation appointment, your deposit will be refunded in full.
  • What happens if your call is cut off, or if Skype suddenly fails to function adequately? This depends on the circumstances. Sometimes the consultation can be resumed when the lines improve, and sometimes the rest of the consultation can take place at another time. Either way, you will get the time you have paid for.
  • You may be advised to go to see a doctor or an accident or emergency department if Jonathan thinks that his suggestions are not the right solution for you.
Book a Consultation
Book Consultation
Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott

Book a consultation

How long for a video consultation?

Up to 30 minutes?

Quite a lot can be covered in 30 minutes but you need to make a list of what you want to discuss so that the time is used well. If you have many problems, there may not be time for Jonathan to ask sufficient questions to reach a diagnosis. 

Up to 60 minutes?

This is an even better length of time but it can take a lot of concentration and if you are ill, it may be tiring.

Apologies, we are installing a new booking system. Bookings will be available later this week.