Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott

Jonathan has worked in Edinburgh for 38 years and before that in London. People visit him from all over the world.

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott

About me

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott worked in the London clinic run by DrAc Mary Austin for years, with patients from all walks of life.  To improve his clinical results he then spent 6 months in China in Nanjing studying how Chinese medicine is used in practice. He still has the pulse cushion he used in the hospital where he worked!

He moved to Edinburgh in 1982 to set up the Edinburgh Natural Health Centre where he has worked ever since.

Some patients have been coming to see him for over 35 years, now bringing their children and in a few cases their grandchildren.

When treating patients with acupuncture, he usually explained what he was doing, and why. Often he left the patient to relax while the treatment took effect. When he returned, they would ask him to repeat what he’d said earlier, and sometimes they asked him to email them a summary of what he’d said.

Birth of this website

This turned out to be very time-consuming!

Eventually, the penny dropped and he started putting down on this website explanations for how Chinese medicine explains many modern health problems.

As time went by, some of the pages he’d written became very popular. From the pages most visited Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott was able to see which subjects were most interesting.

Then the books …

Qi Stagnation Book Cover
Yang Deficiency Book Cover
Yin Deficiency Book Cover
Yuck Phlegm Book Cover

From that came various books which readers seemed to like.

People visit this website from all over the world, many thousands of them. He receives enquiries on health matters regularly, and does his best to reply to them. People consult him in person at his clinic in Edinburgh but also by telephone or Skype from anywhere, (though not yet from Space).

He also gives talks and lectures.

He still writes: there’s usually a book on the go! Podcasts of them are planned and more short videos too.