I'm definitely in the midst of chronic Qi Stagnation!

by Linda

I've been experiencing a huge amount of stress for over a year now.

My youngest daughter (26 yrs. old) who has been diagnosed bi-polar with possible borderline personality disorder. Whatever the diagnosis - it turned into 12 months of her stealing, doing all sorts of drugs, homeless shelters, treatment centers, 4 suicide attempts, becoming pregnant by a stranger, and general distressing, self-distructive activities.

I think I might have had what is labled a nervous breakdown on 9/3/16. With the help of my oldest daughter, my therapist, and close friends & family, I've been finding my way back to my normal mind HOWEVER......have been suffering what I thought was allergic reaction to ragweed that started in July.

It includes head & chest congestion and a horrible nagging cough that makes me gag. It's such a violent & persistent cough, I know it's caused other damage.

I tried to treat it homeopathically through August to no avail. Finally went to my PCP who tried a Miriad of medications, antibiotics etc., & chest X-ray. He finally sent me to an ENT who checked me out, sent me to an allergist, a laryncologist, a pulmonologist and finally decided to do a vocal cord biopsy. He'd found a cloudy area on one of my vocal cords. While he says he's not worried about it, he wants to completely rule out cancer..

I now need a sleep study before he'll put me under for the biopsy.

In the meantime, I quit smoking in November amidst all the stress of my daughter, which was causing huge riffs within my family & discord between my husband & I knew I just HAD to quit now or they would not take my opinion about my health seriously.

I DO feel like there's something stuck in my throat & have for some time.

So we are almost into February. I've started regular acupuncture treatments since December. Because my last 2 treatments had a weird & uncomfortable reaction which brought me here. Now I just have to figure out to fix this mess I'm in.
I had definitely ignored prior issues due to the urgency of my daughter's chaos and now I find myself in chronic Qi stagnation.

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