The Vital Force

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Aconitus napellus - Aconite - poisonous herb - strongly stimulates the vital force
Aconitum napellus is a highly toxic plant.

Here’s an introduction to the Vital Force, an essential concept in classical homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy works in a way that is completely different, indeed one may say the opposite, of Western or allopathic medicine.

Jude Wills, who set up and ran the Scottish College of Classical Homoeopathy, has practised homoeopathy in Scotland for many years, also giving seminars round the world.

Here is her introduction to the Vital Force.

(By the way, the attractive blue flower is Aconitum Napellus, the source of an important remedy in homoeopathy.)


The Vital Force – by Jude Wills

The body is an amazing construct!

Consider how it heals itself after a cut. The platelets collect at the site of the injury, and there is pain to keep you aware of the damage so you protect the wound. The skin inflames to give the wound extra ‘padding’ as the cells begin to knit together creating a seal and healing the wound.

All this without you consciously thinking of the process. This is what we call the ‘Vital Force’ in Homoeopathy. It is the invisible self-healing mechanism that regulates our bodies and which is always striving for balance.

This is an invisible umbilical cord from each of us to the Source of All. Some may refer to this as God; Jung referred to a Collective Unconscious where we all meet; science refers to it as quantum entanglement. It doesn’t matter what you call what you believe in, it is always the other end of our connection.

What is Health?

A state of health is when we are in direct alignment with our sense of ‘God’. Illness begins when we are out of alignment.

This ‘Force’ works on every part of us, the mental and emotional planes as well as the physical. We see it at work in our bodies through the healing and producing of symptoms to protect something deeper.

We see it in our minds through our conscience, as our conscience is our inner guide. It is the guide constantly redirecting us back into the congruence with our inner beliefs.  We can regard the conscience as the Vital Force’s default setting.

If we think, do or say something that is not in keeping with our inner beliefs, most people will feel anxious, unsettled or guilty.

The guilt is like a wound on the psyche: it is there to wake us up to what we have thought, said or done and to remind us that there is a better way to be.

The Vital Force is the part that animates us, the ‘dynamis’ behind all thought and action: it is our link to something other, something greater than we are – and it wants to take us there. 


More from Jude Wills?

If you would like to know more about Jude Wills and what she does, click on her website: ( was her old site, and we don’t yet have information about its replacement)


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