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homeopathy study
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Homeopathy Study

It takes a minimum of three years full-time homeopathy study to qualify as a professional homeopath. Indeed, many find that this provides only the basics: time, experience and more training fill this out, and most professional courses run over four years at degree level.

But very few homeopaths ever think they have finally arrived! There is always more to learn.

Besides being a powerful system of medicine, homeopathy instils a study, an appreciation and a love of human nature and character.


Thuja tree: important in homeopathy study
Thuja – an important remedy or medicine in

Learning Homeopathy

Colleges teaching the subject need to assure themselves that students have the necessary stability and life-experience to persevere. Few homeopaths make fortunes from their profession.

Often it is a labour of love, inspired by the healing reactions from patients. That means you have to be inwardly strong enough to continue practising when sometimes life goes against you.

There is plenty of evidence for homeopathy! But because many scientists cannot accept that highly dilute substances can affect the physical body, they allow themselves to disregard the principles behind homeopathy.

When embarking on a homeopathy course, be aware that you will need for example to –

  • read, learn, write about and discuss concepts very different from ordinary scientific or medical ideas. Homeopathic philosophy is a major subject. There is a lot to read and a lot to grasp about how we get ill and then get better.
  • develop quite a good memory and appreciation of homeopathic medicines (‘remedies’) and how they act
  • be happy to learn a whole new philosophy of health
  • learn a good deal about human anatomy and physiology 
  • learn to understand how modern orthodox medicines work
  • develop skills in counselling, nutrition and family welfare
  • undertake research
  • get to grips with statistics
  • know about regulations on Health and Safety
  • know how to rebut criticism


In your course of homeopathy study you’ll learn about the history of the subject, and, importantly, how to assess the importance of symptoms in a way totally different from ordinary orthodox medicine.

Depending on who you study with, you may also get to understand other systems of energetic medicine, such as Chinese medicine.

Be warned! Homeopathy (and homeopathy study) is a terminal disease!

Homeopathy study
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You’ll also make great friends!

A Business!

You also need to be business-like. There is no use in studying a subject like this unless you are prepared to market yourself to some extent. Unless you tell people about what you do, they won’t know to visit you.

Marketing and developing yourself may seem totally at odds with your ideals and aims when starting homeopathy study. But unless you earn enough from it to live on, you will need another source of income, such as a spouse or a job. Or considerable savings.


Homeopathy Study Courses and Colleges

For contact details of UK Colleges offering Homoeopathic training in the UK click here.

On completion of approved courses, homeopaths in Scotland can apply to join the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths (SAPH). SAPH enables professional homeopaths working in Scotland to meet together and improve their knowledge and ability.

You do not need to be a member of another professional organization to join the Scottish Association of Professional Homeopaths, but you must be a professional homeopath in practice in Scotland, and undergo a registration procedure.

The Scottish Association for Professional Homeopaths works to raise professional standards and increase awareness of the important contribution that Homeopathy can make to Health.

Homeopathy Study
Books to read, ideas to discover!

Hard Work!

Most members of the Scottish Association of Professional Homeopaths would, I am sure, agree that reaching the required standard took a lot of hard work.

But their courses of homeopathy study were also immensely fulfilling. And of course, there is immense satisfaction in helping people live healthier, happier lives.


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