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Favourite Acupuncture points?

I can tell you which are my favourite acupuncture points, but the ones that help you most will depend on your health, not mine.

What’s the point of acupuncture? Are you interested in the understanding of health behind the theory? Very different to modern medicine?

Would you like to understand Chinese Medicine in English?

And if you're having treatment, what don't acupuncturists tell you?!

Let me tell you how I got into acupuncture!

By the way ... Are you searching for a good book describing all the points, including much more than just an acupuncture points chart?

Have a look at the book below:

When I was 30 I had two jobs, one during the week (very long hours) and one every and all weekend. I got a cough. After some months of it I went to my doctor. His prescription made me ill, and his next one was worse. He may have been a good doctor but his medicine didn't suit me. (Find out more about me here.)

Eventually I went to an acupuncturist. She said she could certainly get me 70% better.

“Only 70%? I was hoping for 100%!”

“Well in that case you'll have to change your job. It's killing you!” 

I remember the treatment she gave me. I'd been feeling blocked up in my chest, stuffy nose, tight cough, itchy skin.

I remember one of the points in particular.

It had a transforming effect.

As she inserted the needle, my blocked chest feeling suddenly disappeared.

It was like pressure escaping from a balloon, or clouds clearing from the sky.

I could lie on my back and breathe.

Apparently I fell fast asleep for 20 minutes.

When I got up, the cough was much looser and two days later it had gone.

How had she done it - treated my cough?

Well ...

... She said she hadn't treated my cough!

“Cough” was just the name I'd given it.

From her point of view she was treating what in Chinese medicine is called 'stagnant qi' with 'cold and damp in the lungs'. (Don't worry - all will be explained! After all, this site aims to explain Chinese medicine in English.)

So I started training in acupuncture. Along the way I learned a whole range of other alternative therapies too, and eventually I got qualified, gave up my job and started seeing patients myself. (Many of the best acupuncturists aren't doctors, though they've acquired a very considerable knowledge of Western Medicine as part of their training.)

Only 360 points?

There are at least 360 points along channels (or 'meridians') on your body and hosts of others which aren't on any specific channel.

In the image on the right you can see some of the points on the head.

Every point has a different action and, believe it or not, acupuncturists still argue over where some of them are!

But there's much more to it than that!

How do Shiatsu, Acupressure, Reiki, EFT (emotional freedom technique), and AK (Applied kinesiology) get their ideas from acupuncture and its points?

And what about the possible acupuncture side-effects and questions of safety?

After that, what about the effectiveness of acupuncture? - or could it all be just a placebo?

Something about what acupuncture is good for?

If you are a Do-It-Yourself fan then what about Do-it-Your Self-acupuncture?

Then, in addition, there's Acupuncture in History! And of course, this site aims to explain Chinese medicine in English.

What should you never tell your acupuncturist to do? And how can you help your acupuncturist? It's all here! 

I've watched acupuncture in action for 35 years and used it with thousands of my patients. Even so, I'm still a student, but my clients testify to its success for their health and in their lives. 

Join me in exploring this ancient system of medicine!

Enjoy finding out the thinking and theory behind acupuncture, what acupuncture points do, how they work, who you can trust to use them, when to get treatment, where the ideas came from and whether they can help you.

Along the way you'll discover a completely different way of understanding health and disease! This is a way that continues to be used right round the world, every day, and is still going after perhaps 3000 years.

Little known fact

Did you know? - people may have used acupuncture points in Europe 5000 years ago - probably long before the Chinese: perhaps not really vital information, but you'll find more about that here too!

Acupuncture Points Chart

If you want to get an acupuncture points chart, with diagrams and all in English, do have a look at this book:

Meridians and Acupoints (International Acupuncture Textbooks)

Note: If you click on the link you'll be taken to a page where you can read pages in the book, check that it gives you much more than just an acupuncture points chart and order it. 

Or just hover your mouse over the link. A space will appear where, once you've read it, you can review it so others can decide whether to buy it. That helps everyone! (NB This feature is under test.)

One more thing!

You probably arrived on this site because, at least in some small way, you are stressed. Fortunately for you, here's the answer to your prayers (or mutterings, if you don't happen to be the prayerful kind).

There's a whole book about it! See down below.

Find an Acupuncturist!

If you live in the Edinburgh area of Scotland, where the author of this site (and of the books described below) works, click on Edinburgh Acupuncturist.

If you live elsewhere, click on BAcC.

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott Books

Please note! The Kindle editions are less easy to read! Although the paper editions cost more, they are much easier to read and to refer back and forth to the contents and index. 

Here are some of the books Jonathan has written:

Qi Stagnation - Signs of Stress

Yin Deficiency - Burnout and Exhaustion

Yang Deficiency - Get Your Fire Burning Again!

Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine

3000 years of Chinese being stressed, and at last, here's a book showing how all that experience can help you!

By the author of this website, it explains in simple English how to use stress to improve and enhance your life.

For the Latest Reviews of 'Qi Stagnation', click here!

NB You can also order 'Qi Stagnation - Signs of Stress' from your bookseller.

Want to locate a point, or find out what it does? Click here and read about it in our growing encyclopedia of acupuncture points!

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What about me and my site? How did it happen? You can do the same for your passion!
How Does Acupuncture Work?
If you are wondering just how does acupuncture work, here's where you'll find the latest and the earliest ideas. Modern science doesn't easily adapt itself to Chinese medicine: how could it?
Acupuncture Benefits
Acupuncture Benefits include the smallness of the needle, the economy of treatment and the underlying theory explaining stress, disease and wellness.
Qi Stagnation Reviews
People who've read my book are kindly writing what they think and you can read their opinions at Qi Stagnation Reviews.
What Is Acupuncture?
What is acupuncture, and what are the facts? What happens when your acupuncturist treats you, using acupuncture needles or with acupressure?
Find out about a Consultation with Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott, one of Scotland's most experienced acupuncture practitioners!
Insurance Cover for Acupuncture
Can you get insurance cover for acupuncture with a member of the BAcC - British Acupuncture Council?
All your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) answered here about acupuncture and what treatment is like and is for.
Acupuncture News
Acupuncture News? After 3000 years? What could there possibly be left to say? (Unbelievable - what people will do for a bit of publicity!)
Acupuncture Study
Interested in Acupuncture Study, Reading and Chinese medicine? Here's a good reading list to get started.
Acupuncture Research
What acupuncture research is being done? Lots! Here's a very small selection. In fact, we could probably add stuff every day, but life is short and we have other things to do.
Safety Concerns
Safety concerns exist for traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and Chinese herbs. What are they?
Acupuncture Side Effect
Don't believe in acupuncture, let alone in any acupuncture side effect? Or looking for reassurance? Acupuncture has 4000 years of side effects, some of them very good.
Acupuncture Schools and Education
Want to become a professional acupuncturist? Here are some good acupuncture schools you should consider.
Acupuncture Links
There's always more than one site can handle so here are acupuncture links to other sites with useful contacts and information.
Acupuncture Theory
4000 years of acupuncture theory and you thought it was just sticking in a few pins? It makes sense of where energy goes in your body, what happens when you're in pain - and what to do about it.
Qi, Chi or Ch'i
If you're alive, keep your qi in good working order and enjoy life. Even when you're dead, there's some left!
Blood is far more than the red stuff! Chinese medicine regards many illnesses as being due its deficiency or stasis, including signs of aging.
Jing Essence
Jing essence is the stuff that life's made of. You start with just so much and it's all gone by the time you die. Best keep it carefully.
8 Principles, Eight Principles
8 Principles to understand your illness and what to do about it. 3000 years of Chinese medicine wrapped up in a set of four simple ideas.
Yin and Yang
Are Yin and Yang just Ancient Mumbo-Jumbo? What do they offer modern life? Do we have better ideas now?
Yin and or yang
How do yin and or yang fit together in your life? What have yin and yang to do with politics, the economy and the mess left by the cat?
Chronic Disease
Why do we get chronic disease. Often it's because we've stopped our bodies doing what they're designed to do.
Four Levels: how 'Warm' Diseases penetrate your defences
The Four Levels theory explains how to treat you when 'Warm' diseases, such as from bacteria, penetrate your health defences.
Six Stages of Disease Caused by Cold Invasion
The Six Stages of Disease caused by invasion of Cold is part of Chinese medical theory used daily, even though it's 1800 years old!
Chong Mo, Sea of Blood
Chong Mo may be the very first acupuncture channel to form in the foetus. Important, or what?
Conception Vessel
Sea of the Yin channels, the Conception Vessel is also the reservoir and power behind reproduction. It forms a circuit with the Governing vessel.
What is Suppression and can acupuncture do harm? Can other forms of alternative medicine be harmful? For example, homoeopathy? Is orthodox medicine always – or ever – injurious?
Yang Deficiency
Yang deficiency can creep up on you unawares but it can come suddenly too. Find out how to diagnose it, how to treat it and how to avoid it.
Yang Deficiency The Book
Yang Deficiency The Book? How do the Olympics, the battle of Stalingrad, an infant's first smile, and cold hands fit together? This book helps you make sense of life, the universe and everything.
Yin Deficiency
What Can You Do about Yin Deficiency, Burn-out and Exhaustiont? And how does it fit in with the Menopause, those power surges, hot flashes and flushes?
Yin Deficiency Causes
Always exhausted.? Here's a list of Yin Deficiency Causes that you need to look at.
Acupuncture Pain
Acupuncture Pain Relief only hints at what it can do: from improving health to easing pain, acupuncture has a great history of success
Remaining Pathogenic Factor
Why is a remaining pathogenic factor like a burglar? What are its symptoms? What can you do about it?
Pulse Diagnosis
Most Western trained doctors aren't trained in pulse diagnosis, but the Chinese have made an art form out of it.
Tongue Diagnosis
Tongue diagnosis is an important method used in Chinese medicine to understand the health of a patient.
Acupuncture Medicine
What Is Acupuncture Medicine and how does it explain and treat a host of diseases?
Acupuncture Ear Points
Acupuncture Ear points treat your body in a different way to acupuncture meridian or channel points. These auricular acupuncture points can be used alone or in combination with channel points.
Chinese Herbs
Chinese herbs are a vital way that Chinese medicine uses to treat people. It uses the same theory as acupuncture so works the same way.
Not just Chinese, Cupping has a Long Tradition in Europe: but the Chinese worked out what it does and how and when it does good: such a simple system, yet there's a skill too.
The Chinese Massage system known as Tuina and using acupressure along meridians is quite foreign to Western Medicine, yet widely used in Chinese hospitals.
Moxibustion - Moxa
Moxibustion - moxa - uses artemisia chinensis to create warmth in acupuncture points to stimulate and move Qi.
Food and Nutrition are different nowadays but in the past they were the same.
Beauty Care Skin
Beauty Care Skin health is mostly treated from the outside. We're not ignoring that, but here's how Chinese medicine also helps your inside!
Cold Foods
Cold foods aren't necessarily cold to the touch, but they cool you down. Maybe ok in hot countries or weather, but what about in cold weather?
Cold Showers
What's the best way to take cold showers? Why, in Chinese medicine, are cold baths good for you?
Coffee - Ah! The pleasure of the odour and its kick. Predictably, Chinese medicine disapproves. Why?
Yin Deficiency Fish Recipes
Yin Deficiency Fish Recipes for people who are Yin deficient. Here are a growing number of suggestions to help your health.
Healthy Weight Loss
Healthy Weight Loss treatment treats why you got fat, not just to get you thin. Otherwise it won't be effective long-term.
Hot Foods
Hot foods taste great but can harm your health! Which foods are hot?
Interval Training
Interval training was never practised in ancient China as far as I know. But done right, it enhances resilience and cardio-vascular function. So, helps to balance Yin and Yang.
Meditation is recognized as a potent technique for health and sanity. Different from prayer, but powerful.
Self-Help to help yourself. If you're considering treatment with acupuncture, find out what you can do to improve the consultation.
Do you need supplements? No really! Do you need vitamins and minerals too? And fish oils?
Wake Up
Do you wake up often from sleep? You get to sleep, then you keep waking up? Here's what Chinese medicine thinks about your problem.
Weight Loss Exercise
Weight Loss Exercise won't work unless you let your Lungs work too. Are they up to it? Here's what to do..
Allergy Induced Asthma
Allergy Induced asthma is becoming more common, and nobody's sure why. Lots of theories. Chinese medicine has some suggestions.
antibiotics, probiotics, prebiotics - what good and what harm?
Acupuncture and Anxiety
Acupuncture and Anxiety: Can Acupuncture Help?
Asthma Cause
Asthma cause? In Chinese medicine there are four, perhaps five main causes. Once you understand them you can often work out what to do.
Back Pain
Acupuncture treats back pain often very successfully, but only when the treatment is right for the diagnosis.
Bags Under the Eyes
Got Bags under the Eyes? What do they mean, and what can you do about them?
Birth Control Pill
Oral Birth Control Pills like Yasmin and other contraceptives such as implants all have side effects. What are they doing to your energy and how does Chinese medicine deal with them?
Chronic or repeated breathlessness is often diagnosed as asthma in Western medicine but can be a separate condition in Chinese medicine.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Acupuncture
In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome acupuncture theory clarifies what really needs to be done, the order to do it and what can be expected, so raising your spirits.
Cosmetic Acupuncture
Cosmetic acupuncture, often on the face, can improve appearance, but we believe it works even better when combined with body - traditional - acupuncture.
Cough? Yes Chinese medicine has encountered it, plus asthma, TB and the rest. Read here how they diagnose it.
Acupuncture for Depression
What can Acupuncture for Depression offer? How does it fit into Chinese medicine? What points work? And why?
Epilepsy Seizure
How Chinese medicine explains epilepsy seizures is quite different from Western medicine. But it can be safer than medication.
Fibromyalgia is a tough disease. Acupuncture is often used and this is where you’ll find why.
Gout in TCM
Gout in TCM has been written about for nearly 2000 years. So those ancient Chinese has problems just like us!
Hangover? Expecting it or got it? Here's what to do, or not!
Allergic Rhinitis - Hayfever
Allergic rhinitis, or hayfever, is a huge problem for many people. What can be done about it?
Heatwave! To the British this is good news! To India, this is bad news! In China? Read on for what Chinese medicine might suggest!
IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome
IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - affects a huge number of people. It has many causes. Chinese medicine and acupuncture have a useful theory about it.
Fertility Center
Your fertility center? What Chinese medicine says about trying to conceive and your chance of getting pregnant.
Influenza is usually, in Chinese medicine, a warm-damp type of disease. If so, what does Chinese medicine suggest?
Defensive Level Damp Heat Illnesses like Influenza
Defensive level damp heat syndrome describes how your body defends itself on the exterior.
Can't sleep? Insomnia a problem? Sleep Disorders? There are many reasons, and Chinese medicine's been thinking about them for over 2000 years, and they've come up with some answers.
Reasons for Insomnia
What are the reasons for insomnia? Why can't you sleep? Here are some possibilities.
Migraine and Headache
Migraine and headache misery affects 8 million people in the UK! Understand how it works in Chinese medicine!
Phlegm After Eating
Do you get phlegm after eating, for instance so you have to clear throat mucus before speaking?
Skin Care Hygiene - How to avoid Warm Diseases
We all want to avoid illness! How? Skin Care Hygiene comes first, but not always as you've been taught!
Troubled by snoring? Here's what Chinese medicine thinks about it.
Signs of Stress
How Chinese Medicine explains Signs of Stress, after at least 3000 years of thought, often comes down to Qi Stagnation. Understand how it works and learn how to recognise and manage Stress.
Tinnitus, Noises in the Ears, Ringing
Tinnitus, or ringing or noises in the ear, range from hissing to squeaking to the sound of a jet plane approaching. What is it?
Can acupuncture help with smoking? Here's what you need to know!
Acupuncture for Weight Loss
How effective is acupuncture for weight loss? If it works, how does it work, how long does it work for, and which acupuncture points do the trick?
Wheezing is what happens when your air passages tighten up and you make a sound as you breathe.
Acupuncture Point Categories
Acupuncture point categories tell acupuncturists how points work and how they can be used.
Acupuncture Meridians
Do Acupuncture Meridians (channels) Exist? What Are They? Can You Trust Ideas from 2500 Years Ago? Why Do Acupuncturists Rely on Them? Who Invented Them? Are They Necessary?
Luo-Connecting Channels
Possibly the luo-connecting channels were the first acupuncture channels to be discovered.
Acupuncture Point Location
Knowing where a particular acupuncture point location should be is one thing. Finding it is another and here's where you'll get help on this vital little matter!
Acupuncture Body Points
Treating Acupuncture Body Points can be Powerful and Direct: not always the best policy for our 'delicate' fearful Western bodies!
Lung Meridian Points
Lung Meridian points lie along the lung acupuncture meridian or channel. They're used to maintain your energy and Spirit, for respiratory complaints, and to help you see the bigger picture in life.
Stomach Channel
Find out about the Stomach Channel, important for a huge range of conditions.
Chinese medicine treats Syndromes, not Western-named diseases. Here's how it works.
Blood Stasis
You probably have Blood Stasis, and almost certainly will have it as you grow older. It's a major constituent of chronic ill-health and aging. What can you do about it?
Cold affects more people than you might think, especially as you grow old. but you can get it at any age.
British to the core, damp is our best weapon and worst curse. Only we have explored its diversity, rejoiced in its misery and plumbed its depths. But it's the Chinese who worked out what it does to us
Damp-Heat often comes with fever and yellow phlegm. Normally caused by infection but in some cases by the wrong foods and often exacerbated by anger.
Food Retention
Food Retention is what happens after over-eating and over-drinking, often too close to sleep.
Heat is becoming more common as a cause of disease. It used to affect stokers and bakers but nowadays tanning studios, saunas, hot beaches and the like can cause it.
Latent Heat
Why do many modern diseases occur? Because of what Chinese medicine calls 'Latent Heat'. Like a terrorist cell, it lurks unobtrusively, waiting for the call to action.
Ming Men, Gate of Vitality
Ming Men, Fire of our Vitality: our defensive energy and even perhaps testosterone?
Phlegm is what most of us don't want. Heavy and sticky, we're usually embarrassed to show it to others.
Qi Stagnation
Acupuncturists have made more money out of qi stagnation than any other syndrome in Chinese medicine. Why is this?
Wind - a Major Cause of Disease
Wind in Chinese Medicine is a major cause of disease, giving shivering, headache, sneezing and much more.
Zang-fu? The Centre of Chinese Medicine Energy Physiology
Zang-Fu Organs - a Central Idea in Chinese Medicine energy physiology. What They Do Powers You.
In Chinese medicine, your Heart energy governs not just your personality but what you do with your life and how assured you are.
Heart Blood
Basis of a calm, steady personality, Heart Blood provides the ground for a happy life.
Heart Fire
Feeling romantic, Heart on Fire? Don't confuse your happy state with Heart Fire: quite a different matter, and one you won't want to possess once you've read what's here!
Heart Phlegm Fire
Over-friendly, too boisterous, raucous, often abusive, becoming incoherent and sometimes bipolar or manic-depressive. That's Heart Phlegm Fire, or Phlegm Fire Harassing the Heart.
Kidney Function
How your Kidney functions in Chinese medicine determines your life pattern, your 'life-force', your willpower and your longevity. Rather important!
Kidney Syndromes
Kidney syndromes describe how in Chinese medicine your Kidney mis-functions.
Lung Qi
Lung Qi! No idea what this is? Well, you can't do without it because it keeps you healthy.
Lung Damp Phlegm
'Lung Damp Phlegm' is another snappy description most people can understand even without knowing the first thing about Chinese medicine. Who hasn't heard someone coughing up piles of damp-phlegm?
Lung Yin
Lung Yin supplies a good deal of the "Stay Cool!" factor in life. How do you increase it and what can you do if it's deficient?
Liver Functions - How your Liver Energy Affects your Life
How your Liver functions in Chinese Medicine makes all the difference to your life.
Liver Qi Stagnation, Stagnant Qi
Liver Qi Stagnation is a major way to understand signs of stress and how to help them. It's the Chinese Jewel in the Crown!
Liver Fire
Cross, even angry, and dizzy, with a headache? You may have Liver Fire, and Chinese Medicine knows what to do with you!
Liver Channel Cold Stagnation
Wear too little and you could get this Liver Channel Cold Stagnation. Then you'll need acupuncture and moxa to sort it out!
Liver Wind - Potentially a Serious Health Hazard
Many modern and serious health conditions come from Liver Wind. This needs urgent treatment.
Liver Yang
Liver Yang rising affects you more as you grow older, or if you have emotional problems. Well! Who doesn't?
Liver Blood Deficiency
Liver Blood Deficiency undermines your personality and confidence. Liver Blood is also vital for healthy periods and lustrous hair and skin.
Liver Yin Deficiency
As you grow older, you'll probably get Liver Yin Deficiency, so find out about it here first.
Lung Heat
Lung Heat covers a whole range of conditions, from acne to cough, red facial skin to pain in your chest. Find out more here!
Much more than a small pear-shaped sac full of bile, the Gallbladder function in Chinese medicine helps you take the right decisions and move your life in the right direction..
Stomach functions in TCM
In Chinese medicine, how important is your Stomach energy?
When your Spleen function goes wrong, you'll know, because your body will get behind with all its little housekeeping jobs.
Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott
Acupuncturists like Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott come in all sizes, small, fat, thin and tall - and in between. I'm not in between. And how I came into acupuncture isn't normal either.
Recommend Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott
Why Do People Recommend Jonathan? Testimonials he's received go back thirty years. Read a few of them here.
Edinburgh Acupuncture
West Edinburgh Acupuncture is where Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott works. 35 years experience treating people of all ages.
Edinburgh Natural Health Centre
Finding the Edinburgh Natural Health Centre is easy! We're next to Edinburgh Zoo, with free parking, plenty of buses and easy access from Edinburgh Airport (airport bus 100 stops outside the door).
Useful Links
Useful links from ENHC for all those small things, like gas, electricity, baby names, good nutritional products and STUFF!
Fees for Consultations with Jonathan
What fees does Jonathan charge? Here's how he charges for consultations.
Fee Payment
Various fee payment methods: cash, cheque and now via your smartphone if you're registered. The easiest way so far!
Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy is very important to you and we respect it at
The law on advertising in Britain administered by the British Advertising Standards Authority - ASA - is very strict and precise.
Bowen Treatment
Bowen Treatment can be wonderfully relaxing and energising, though you often feel quite tired after the first session.
Treatment in Homeopathy
Treatment in Homeopathy gives you a completely different outlook on health and how to get it.
Vital Force
In classical homoeopathy, the Vital Force forms the basis for understanding how we get ill, then well.
Homeopathy Definition
Here's a homeopathy definition. Find out what happens when you poison someone!
Homeopathic Remedy
How do you take a homeopathic remedy?
Homoeopathic Provings
Provings are how homoeopaths find out what their remedies (medicines) can cure.
Disease Process
Want a deeper understanding of your disease process, of what's really going on, and from a different point of view?
Aggravations after a homoeopathic remedy (or any other treatment that works in the same way) are usually misunderstood.
History of Homeopathy
Boring! Boring! History Boring! Well, only if it's a list of dates, but the history of homeopathy is full of personalities, always interesting!
Homeopathy Study
What does a professional course of homeopathy study mean? How long is it, and how difficult?
Homeopathic Selfhelp
Homeopathic selfhelp and what a remedy like Arnica is used for.
QXC1 Treatments
QXC1 Treatments

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