Hemorrhagic Aneurysm and Stroke

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hemorrhagic aneurysm and stroke

by Linzi
(New Zealand)

I had deep headaches for months on the right side of the back of my head above my ear close to the centre of my head. I went to a reiki practitioner for a few weeks, but that didn’t help much.

Then on 27 Nov 2015 I was talking on the phone to arrange a coffee date when i felt really unwell and spacey. I asked the person i was talking to to ring an ambulance as i felt quite weird. I unlocked the front door so they could come in and then i passed out. I woke up in intensive care unable to breath properly and independently as i had a tube up my nose delivering oxygen.


I heard medical staff talking about what to give me that would help in my recovery. I was scared. My partner was with me and said I had an aneurysm that burst and i was helicoptered to hospital. I had had a successful coil in but i need to breath. So every half hour i was forced to take deep breadths. Each breath to hold for 5 seconds and then release. That was hard work and so i was fatigued and slept until the next round. I was 3 weeks like that. I had terrible nightmares about concentration camps and aliens.

After the third week i was stabilising, I was having blood tests every day plus large doses of potassium and IV of Epodimine to enlarge my veins. I had a catheter all that time and i didn’t evacuate bowels at all.

I found i couldn’t move my right side at all and i had a massive feeling of ice cold through the centre of my right foot, as if a large steel rod had been inserted.

I couldn’t walk or talk much, and then very slurred.

Times passes

Two years on, I am 90% recovered but still along way to go. Now after reading these articles i can understand why. I have also recently read about oxalates and how that is so debilitating to our system. I used to have a lot of green leafy vegetables and for my recovery i had green smoothies which are ‘cold’. My throat area always feels cold. I used to exercise heaps, I was always in the gym and abseiling etc very full on.

Many years earlier though i was hit by a bus while crossing a road in soaking wet dark conditions. I wonder if this lead to my eventual decline. It certainly slowed me down while recovering from my injuries. Smashed pelvis, punctured lung, broken rib and probably early stages of hypothermia as i was soaking wet, on the road, until the ambulance arrived. Even then i was not given warm blankets or stripped of my wet sodden clothing until about 4 or 5 hours later.

I was in hospital for 3 weeks, on morphine and not allowed to move. Miraculously i didn’t need any surgery as the specialists took a gamble that my strong muscles would bring everything back into alignment, and that worked.

Now 20 years later i had this medical event. But i also lived hard, i smoked about 4 cigarettes a day, had quantities of alcohol, not huge amount but most evenings. Only walked every second day and sat around a lot taking minutes at meetings and study online , so many hours of stagnation.

Regular exercise for heart health

Now i walk every day, i use an Exercycle to get my heart rate up a bit as i can’t walk fast. I can walk for about half our or 2500 steps before tiring. I eat healthy brain and gut foods, still have a wine or two through the week but not like i used to. I limit my coffee intake to two plunger cups in the morning. Now i am also trying to eliminate oxalates and improve my gut flora and reduce candida symptoms. I have read some of the pages here and over the years i have displayed most of them. now i see my faulty lifestyle and would like to remedy it so that i can spend quality time with my partner who is 10 years younger than me ( i am now 57) and my grandchildren who are very young. I see their parents making similar mistakes, except they don’t smoke and never have, thankfully.

This is tiring as i am still weak on right side and my two middle fingers still do not work well. Also my two middle toes are still limited and feel very hot all the time. My brain is better but sometimes a bit dyslexic.

Typing this has been an effort, thankful for auto spell.

15% chance of survival, apparently

I was lucky i didn’t die, i had a 15% chance of survival. I was massaging all the muscles i could reach as soon as i became aware of my event and what i was feeling. I had read some info about acupuncture and i had a book on trigger point therapy so i was aware of how i could help myself in the early stages. I had forgotten it all before the event though and that could have prevented it from happening.

Thanks for the opportunity to explorer more of myself. I still don’t have full use of my right side but i am learning every day how i can help myself.

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