Liver Blood

by Jen
(Staffordshire, England)

I have been receiving Acupuncture for about the last 12 months for Liver Damp Heat and blood deficiency.

A few months before finding my acupuncturist I'd decided to change my diet to a low fat raw vegan lifestyle, thinking this was the solution to lose a few pounds. That was when everything started to go wrong!

All of a sudden I was suffering with bouts of tiredness that I could understand, phlegm and acid reflux in my throat, cold/numb hands and feet, irregular scant and heavy periods, night sweats, disturbing dreams, blurred eyesight and discharge that seemed to go off the scale!

I was advised that I needed to look at my diet quickly and reluctantly at first I started to eating meat and cooked foods again and now that I have read some books on the matter, I eat foods that contain the right energies for my condition and eat mindfully to help my digestion. I have also started a Nutritional therapy course to further my understanding of how I can help my body to heal and I feel in a lot better place than I did 12 months ago.

But one symptom that I've noticed, is I seem to spot blood every time I drink more than 2 glasses of wine. I recognise alcohol is not good for me but I'd truly like to understand why this is happening and whether alcohol is a 'no-go' in my case. 48yr old female with 24.1 BMI

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