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Legs and knees become unreliable with age

Our Chinese medicine introductory course aims to explain some of the main ideas behind Chinese medicine, over four three-hour sessions, at fortnightly intervals. Chinese medicine is a big subject – some of our students are amazed at how vast it is! Click here for information about the lecturer, Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott.

Read on for course details and to see what people said about the last course. Also, see below for booking.

Here are some quotes from what different students said after its first session:

The whole session was really fascinating, you covered a lot. I was particularly interested in the five elements …

Really enjoyed yin/yang and (would) like to learn more.

I really enjoy looking at practical, hands-on examples. It is all interesting so I have enjoyed everything.

I find our delivery to be very illustrative – thank-you!

Our introductory course is an introduction to some of the main ideas. See below for the list of main topics

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After the second session of our Chinese medicine introductory course, feedback included:

Enjoyed, interesting, appears more easily accessible for a lay person.

I remember it (cupping) as a normal practice in rural France. Interesting that it could come back as a home remedy. So interesting and accessible.

I loved this (tongue diagnosis), interesting, accessible and another fascinating insight.

(Re Chinese medicine and nutrition) There is so much more … Totally makes sense. Wish I had known this before. Beginning to get my head around this!

After the fourth session:

First, thank you for such an inspiring introduction to Chinese traditional medicine. It truly was quite mind blowing, a whole new world of learning and … I am delighted you are considering future dates.

Fantastic course which covered so much. There is so much to take in that short sessions of 3 hours, fortnightly, are just right.

Re the course as a whole:

It was very enjoyable. Lots of information and very clear.

It was fantastic! I am very happy that I asked that initial question about training!

(Re how well were questions answered): Very well. your knowledge of the subject is vast and the delivery was very good and able to switch subjects easily.

Very happy with the content/synopsis provided.

In answer to the question ‘Would you recommend the course to others?




I would happily recommend and refer anyone that was interested. It was and is life-giving!

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Chinese Medicine Course Summary

Here is a summary of the main topics the course covers over the four sessions, each of 3 hours:

News of Next Course


We incorporate interactive activities and quizzes; case studies from real life; how understanding your susceptibility to disease leads to prevention.

There are visual aids, charts and diagrams to make topics more accessible.

Handouts for many topics.

Ideas for further reading: in the form of books and website pages to read.


This course is NOT designed to qualify students to practise Chinese medicine or acupuncture. There is NO certification upon completion, although attendees who participate in all sessions may receive a certificate of attendance. Please note that this course does NOT fulfill the requirements for membership of professional associations like the British Acupuncture Council.

However … !

  • Are you maybe interested in training one day to be a professional acupuncturist or herbalist?
  • And want to find out more about it all BEFORE committing to an expensive course? …
  • A course lasting at least 3 years leading to a degree …
  • … a degree at the end of a lot of hard – though very rewarding – study and supervised practice?


If so, you would find these few hours learning about the concepts behind Chinese medicine really thought-provoking. And enjoyable!

The NEXT Course

To book your ticket for the next introductory course, click here … but … Sorry! Booking for the current course has closed.

The next course will start in September 2024 and booking for it will open soon. However, if you are desperate to do the course before then we might, if there is sufficient demand, put on this introductory course starting in May 2024. (Ticket numbers are limited to keep classes small.) Email to register your interest in this.

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