Bladder Point 1
Jing Ming - Bright Eyes

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  • It is also a meeting point between the Bladder channel and the channels of the : -
  • Sanjiao (Triple Heater)
  • Small Intestine 
  • Stomach 
  • Gall Bladder 
  • Governor
  • Yin Jiao (motility) and 
  • Yang Jiao extra-ordinary meridians. 

Consequently it has many useful properties. It's just a pity that many patients are anxious when it is used - understandably!

Location of Jing Ming

0.1 cun superior and 0.1 cun medial to the medial canthus of the eye, between the two veins (if you can see them) or in the centre of the crease there if it runs this far towards the centre.

Needling depth
Needle the point perpendicularly to the skin, up to 4 mms deep. Please do not attempt to use this point until you have received effective clinical supervision!

The best way to do it is to suggest the patient closes his eyes and looks away from the side being needled (ie if you are needling his left eye he looks off to the left behind closed eyelids) while you push the eyeball away - laterally - then insert the needle slowly, with no twirling.

With practice, this point is no more difficult to use than any other point. However, occasionally there is bruising which makes the patient look as if he has been hit in the eye, so it is best to warn him and seek his agreement before using it.

Intense Eagle Eye

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Please do not go deeper than 4mm - 5 mm at most.

You may have read of eccentric acupuncturists happy to needle this point with 6 inch needles, but such acupuncturists probably live in countries where firstly anything is better than the orthodox medicine and secondly the laws of assault are more relaxed.

Or perhaps as a patient you are happy to pay high fees to cover your acupuncturist's professional negligence insurance if you expect him to needle 6 in deep.

After the needle is removed, press the point firmly with cotton wool for a while, perhaps a minute, to prevent bruising and bleeding (though it seldom bleeds: slightly more common is bruising). 

For this reason, it is best not to needle the point if someone is about to go out on a date or due to make a speech or appear in public.

The point is not actually sore to needle but its location tends to frighten patients who need plenty of reassurance. 

Needling sensation
The sensation usually extends over the entire eyeball with a mild electrical sensation.

Actions of Bladder Point 1

  • Expels Wind and clears Heat
  • Of general benefit to the eyes, (although often combined for this purpose with Gall-Bladder 37)
  • Entry point for the Bladder meridian so can help balance adjacent meridians or, with Bladder point 67, as Entry Exit points.
  • As a meeting point for so many meridians, this point has a potentially highly beneficial effect on the whole Qi of the body, physically and mentally. That's because all the zangfu mentioned above (... Sanjiao, Small Intestine, Stomach, Governor ...) are affected when this point is treated. This point gives them all a kind of 'pep-talk'!

Eye Problem Indications for Bladder Point 1

Eye problems: useful for both Excess and Deficiency problems of the eyes: 

Excess symptoms in terms of heat and inflammation, retinitis, conjunctivitis, swelling, phlegm, pain, blurring, itching, photophobia

Deficiency in terms of tiredness, dimmed vision, colour blindness, poor night vision, myopia, tears flowing on exposure to wind or bright light, drooping eyelids, blindness and visual dizziness.

However, I wouldn't advise you to treat just this point if you are habitually tired with tired eyes and dimmed vision etc. Habitual tiredness requires a deeper understanding. It could be caused by stress (which Qi Stagnation is very like) or Damp or deficient Blood or by many other factors.

Nowadays this point is also used for modern eye diseases like glaucoma and astigmatism, haemorrhage from the retina and early stages of cataract.

It is also used in conjunction with the meridians for which it is a meeting point. This means that it can boost the action in say the Small Intestine meridian if the latter is being used to clear heat. Or it can be used to amplify the action of points used to tonify, say, the Governor meridian.

Spirit of the Point

Although not specifically much used for affairs of the spirit (ie to cheer people up), the name of Bladder Point 1 - Bright Eyes - suggests that it has strong potential here.

I have found it does perk people up, but then their adrenaline tends to flow a bit anyhow when you announce your intention to use it!

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