Blood - spelled with a capital B. That capital ‘B’ is important!

The red stuff, (spelled with a small 'b') in your veins, carries food and rescue missions for your body.

It takes a lot of food to create blood, so please take care of your limited supplies (typically you only have about 8 pints of it - just under 4 litres) and do respect your body's ability to manufacture it.

Apart from food, you can only get more of it via transfusion. That means someone else has had to manufacture it. After that, they have kindly donated it so you can benefit from it.

A form of Energy
The Chinese believe everything is energy - Qi. In terms of importance Chinese medicine puts this (capital B!) Blood fluid on a par with Qi.

There's a lot of theory wrapped up in it, which is why, as you go down this page, you'll find more and more concepts are drawn into the web.

So if it (Capital 'B') is a form of energy, just thicker than normal energy, where does it come from?

Nutrition, Food and Drink

Good food and drink, specifically blood building foods, are turned into food essence by your Stomach and Spleen, with the help of Ming Men Fire supplied by your Kidney.

That means that you must start with good nutrition: fresh food from good sources, preferably uncontaminated by chemicals or additives, preservatives, fungicides, herbicides and so on; properly cooked and eaten sensibly and often enough.

Chinese medicine can do a great deal to enhance your digestion, but in some conditions you may need supplements: intense sporting activity, pregnancy and ageing for example.

This 'food essence' is then sent to your Lungs to add Air Qi. Even so, it is still NOT what the Chinese mean when they spell it with a capital 'B'.

Then the Lungs send this mixture of food essence and Air Qi to the Heart where, with more help from your Kidney energy in the form of Ming Men Fire and a vital addition, Jing Essence, it becomes Blood.

At last! Built with a capital B!

How Is It Made? (In Chinese Medicine?)

What does It Do?

The Chinese think that it is the foundation for your consciousness. As such (spelled with a capital ‘B’) it contains Qi, giving you life, consciousness and memory. If you like, it's where you - the person you think of yourself as being - live.

How can we understand this? Obviously your brain won’t function without it, so from a Western scientific viewpoint, if you don't have enough, you'll have no consciousness.

But, in the Chinese sense, it goes further than that. Symbols have meanings and Fire is an old symbol for life and vitality. In one discussion, a doctor said that Fire is transformed into Blood in the Heart. (Tang Zong Hai, Discussion of Blood, 1884).

So your life and vitality - your Fire, which is very Yang - is transformed into Blood, a very Yin substance. If someone is deficient in it, treatment must be considered for Stomach, Spleen, Kidney (Ming Men or Jing Essence), Lungs, and Heart. And that’s assuming that your Liver qi is flowing freely! For more on what happens when your Liver stops flowing, click here!

Summarising: you need Qi in blood to make Blood!

It (capital 'B') is used to nourish and moisten your body and its various forms such as your hair, nails, skin, muscles, tendons, flesh, foetus and so on.

For example,  one form, Liver Blood, nourishes and moistens the eyes, the hair and the tendons, making for good eyesight, shiny healthy hair and strength and flexibility.

The Chinese also say that the Liver 'houses' it. This means that when it circulates it nourishes the muscles and tendons, and when you rest (in particular when you lie down), it is said to return to and rest in the Liver. In the Liver it regenerates. (More on this below.)

Blood donation

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Without rest, especially as in sleep, it won't be able to regenerate properly and you'll begin to develop signs of Liver Blood deficiency.

What then? Well, your eyes will lack moisture and accommodation (they'll tire quickly and you won't be able to focus so well), you'll find your hand-grip less certain and walking won't be so comfortable. Foot pain can occur because the tendons holding your bones in place lose their grip, so toe joints will fall out of place and you may find walking becomes painful.

Because a woman's uterus and foetus are supplied with it by the Liver, when Liver Blood is deficient her periods may be scanty, and there may be Liver Qi stagnation (causing painful periods and irritability, headaches often at her vertex - the top of her head -  and sore eyes).

Without enough of it  to nourish the uterus, fertility may be reduced or the foetus may lack nourishment, so may not grow properly.

But more than that, the ancient Chinese said, in effect, that the Blood is the Mind – it is where our consciousness resides.

Heart Blood Deficiency

Since the Heart governs the Mind, with this form of deficiency you can get uneasiness without obvious reasons for it, restlessness, mild irritability, poor memory, insomnia (including difficulty falling asleep), dizziness, easily startled and palpitations, and a dull-pale complexion.

However, it goes further than that. Without regenerating it through good sleep, you'll lose vitality in your thinking and creativity.

After a while of continually limited sleep, you may find your mind wanders more easily, you're more absent-minded, you have episodes of forgetting what you were going to say, you lose things more easily.

If your work requires creative thinking, as a writer, artist, composer or even administrator, or when dealing with difficult people, you won't find you have the same resources and buoyancy as you relied upon previously.

If you're a fighter, you'll lack speed and co-ordination and the ability to out-think your opponent. You'll have lost your 'spark'.

That's what is meant by Consciousness residing in the Blood: if it is deficient, so also will be the sparkiness - Fire!- of your Consciousness.

Liver Blood Deficiency

With this, which could happen because of a poor diet, poor digestion, over-use of your eyes (next paragraph) or because of lack of rest - especially lack of restful sleep - your sinews will lose their strength, your hair will lose its shine, your eyes their power, your joints their suppleness.

On that question of sight, Chinese medicine has various sayings based on observations over millennia. One of them is this: excessive use of the eyes injures the Blood.

You might think that if you're awake with your eyes open, it would be quite hard not to use your eyes all the time, so what do they mean by 'excessive' use of the eyes?

In this context, they mean that staring for too long or straining the eyes injures it.

Nowadays, many of us spend huge amounts of time staring at computer, smartphone, cell-phone and television screens and in reading texts either online or on paper.

Often this means our eyes hardly need to change their focus, their range of movement is limited, and the range of colours they look at are limited.

For instance, as I type this, I'm facing a white screen with black lettering on it.

There are almost no other colours. I'm staring pretty fixedly at this screen too and I look to left and right hardly more than I might were I reading a book.

Not good! I should get a up and walk around a bit and/or look out of the window periodically.

This is a huge change in how we use our eyes.

Formerly our eyes were adjusting to changing conditions in focus and accommodation, colour and movement, all the time.

Fixed focus (as on a screen) isn't what they were built for. They can do it, but it's a bit like repetitive strain injury (which, by the way, is often also diagnosed in Chinese medicine as a form of stagnation): they wear out faster.

If your work or play means you stare at screens or paper all the time, take care! Not just your eyesight is at risk, but also your general health, through this form of damage.

Take regular breaks (Hint! Use a timer!) from your work or play, make your eyes focus on different things, on colour and moving objects in the real world.

  • Look back and forth between far and near. 
  • Cup your eyes to rest them. 
  • And make sure you get enough exercise and in particular, restful sleep, which renews the Blood. 
  • If you have time, read our page on this.


Blood Stasis is a huge cause of ageing, so of course we're all interested in how to manage it!

But it's far more than that. Every chronic disease or condition almost certainly contains this form of Stasis.

Unfortunately it's not always easy to cure. Even so, it must be treated if the patient is not to deteriorate.

Heart Stagnation

With Heart Blood Stagnation (which can come about from a variety of reasons) there will be severe anxiety, with growing agitation, more palpitations, and pains in the chest with a sense of oppression.

When asleep, the Mind is said to rest in the Blood. If Blood is deficient, the Mind can’t settle, so can’t get to sleep, or has restless dreams and can’t achieve deep restful sleep.

If insomnia occurs because of this form of deficiency, then tranquillisers may put you out but they won’t always make you better: treatment of your Blood is needed. (Tranquillisers might even make you worse because your deficient body has an extra job to do, as it tries to cleanse your body of the drugs.) 


(Technical stuff: actually dryness comes as much under what are called 'Body Fluids' which, for health, must be pure and unsullied. This paragraph on dryness includes some of those ideas.)

Because Blood is fluid and nourishing, and of course because it contains water and oils, it moistens and fills out flesh and body spaces wherever it goes.

Healthy young people have an abundance of it, and you see it in their smooth rounded contours and colorful complexions.

Fortunes are made by entrepreneurial organizations in creams, oils,  nutroceuticals, vitamins, minerals and injections to help our bodies compensate for this form of deficiency.

So dryness, for instance on the skin, is often partly due to this kind of deficiency - hence many forms of eczema. Equally ...

  • joints dry out and creak or crack
  • muscles cramp
  • stomachs lack acids to digest food properly
  • bones lose their resilience
  • eyes dry out
  • brains can't concentrate or remember
  • sexual organs neither lubricate nor egorge as desired
  • menses and the capacity for babies are reduced

Integrating factors

When sustainable life first starts in the body, it does so when a newly fertilised egg attaches itself to the wall of the mother's womb. Nourishment from the mother feeds the egg which becomes the foetus as it grows to become the baby.

This important process comes partly under what is called Chong Mo. Chong Mo has many vital functions in the way the baby is nourished and, later, the body sustains itself.

When Chong Mo doesn't function properly, you get problems of circulation and fertility, and in the abdomen, chest and throat.

Importantly you also get - potentially - lifelong attitudes which one might describe as 'fearful'. 


Practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine are often in demand for their ability to enhance the way the body produces this vital substance.

However, treatment is only half the battle!

What's the Other Half of the Battle?

Patients need to recognize how their actions or in-actions contribute to their problems. Of course, governments also want their people to be healthy, because that reduces costs and increases their people's ability to work, defend and produce the country's needs.

Often, for us individuals, this requires an element of self-discipline or denial on the one hand, and finding, preparing and properly eating better foods on the other. Chinese medicine emphasizes life-education.

Of course, many other factors contribute to how people manage themselves including, but not limited to:

  • the direction of their lives (Heart and Gallbladder)
  • their moral capacity and ability to discern (eg Small Intestine)
  • their ability to absorb and process (Stomach and Spleen)
  • their ability to renew themselves (Kidney)
  • how well they absorb and use Qi (Lungs)
  • how smoothly they manage emotions (Liver)
  • the ability to clear out the garbage (Large Intestine, Bladder)
  • the ability for internal and external balance (Pericardium and Three Heater)

Other Forms of Blood disharmony

The other main forms of this disharmony:

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